Participants thought about the Labour Migration Analysis virtual meetings

Feature | 10 December 2020
FMPT project conducted seven country and one IGAD region virtual consultation workshops on the findings and recommendations of the “Labour Market Assessment with a focus on migrant workers” study reports. The workshops were organized in collaboration with IGAD and ITC-ILO that took place from 5 - 30 November 2020. The reports assess labour markets of IGAD Member States in particular focus on how migrant workers are integrated in the national labour markets.

Senior labour migration experts of IGAD Member States, Social Partners, Civil Society Organizations, and other UN agencies participated in the workshops and provided valuable input to improve the quality of the study reports.

“The LMA virtual workshop was professionally organized and interactively engaging- a big win for virtual workshops. The 3 hours literally flew away. The organizers managed to intellectually provoke the audience evidenced by numerous feedback, comments, and contribution of the participants. I liked the break-out rooms discussion even though time was limited. The execution of the entire workshop was excellent! The presentation of the report findings and recommendations was well done. I particularly liked the human stories from different labour migrants as this reflected the same inspiring life stories confronted on the ground. The entire workshop provided more insights and challenges confronting national governments in migration governance an area BMM Programme is contributing to in the IGAD region and specifically in Kenya. For example, the recommendation to “strengthen labour migration components within bodies such as the NCM” resonates very well with BMM approach in Kenya which illuminates more opportunities to collaborate and coordinate with ILO FMPT project in the country. BMM looks forward to collaborate, coordinate, and share information in the project scope of the ILO FMPT project towards better migration governance in the Kenya and IGAD region.”

Fridah G Kibuko, Senior Technical Advisor
Better Migration Management Programme, Kenya
 "The presentation was a quick opener, allowing everyone (including those who would probably not read the document), to be on the same wavelength. Much as the time was limited to allow more interaction in groups, it was a great addition to the validation process. Going by the reports to plenary, there is no doubt that a lot more was achieved in the breakout sessions. The depth of discussions was much more engaging. A wonderful opportunity it was being part of this exercise. As partners at national level, we look forward to the realization of the proposed action points."

Egulu Lawrence
Ministry of Labour, Uganda
The eight reports are revised and finalized with the input from workshop participants and will soon be available online on the FMPT website for download.