Training Workshop on The Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment in Tourism Sector

As tourism has been identified as a high-risk industry for sexual harassment in the workplace due to its characteristics, tourism businesses could be the leading employers in applying the Code of Conduct developed with technical assistance from the ILO for their own benefits as well as protecting the rights of workers.


Sexual harassment is one of the most offensive and demeaning experiences an employee can suffer. Not only can it result in emotional and physical stress for affected workers, but it can also adversely affect morale and job performance, reducing productivity, increasing absenteeism, and in certain cases, resulting in a higher rate of employee turnover. Sexual harassment, which is a form of gender discrimination, undermines equality at work. Sexual harassment at the workplace is unlawful under Viet Nam’s 2012 Labour Code.

The Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment was developed with technical assistance from the ILO within the broader context of workplace violence which is a violation of the most basic human rights, which represents a significant barrier to women’s access and equitable treatment and opportunities in the labour market. The Code aims to create a workplace culture that does not tolerate sexual harassment by giving practical guidance to the Government, including labour inspectors, employers’ organizations, trade unions and workers. After the Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment was adopted by the Government, a series of training workshop was organised in different sectors, including tourism industry.


  • Introduce the Code of Conduct in Sexual Harassment adopted by the government at workplace to tourism-related agencies and tourism businesses
  • Provide training through practical exercises with concrete examples in tourism sector
  • Customize the practices for tourism businesses which inspires them to produce their own code of conduct or internal regulations applied in their businesses for their employees and also for tourists.


A useful training workshop on the sensitive topic first-ever organised for tourism businesses, particularly for private tourism hotels. 52 participants in which 45 comes from tourism businesses learn how to protect their employees from Sexual Harassment. 40 hotels participated commit to customize the Code of Code for the application at their workplace.


Approximately 52 participants from Quang Nam DOCST, Quang Nam Women Union, Owners/Managers of Hotels/Resorts in Quang Nam.