Good Practices Guide for Guesthouses and Small Hotels - Module 2

The Good Practices Guide for Guesthouses and Small Hotels is an activity based learning program for managers or business owners who wish to manage customer service effectively and proactively – through motivating and inspiring their employees and teams.

Instructional material | 01 November 2012
Contact(s): Sectoral Activities Department
This module of the Good Practice Guide is divided into three main parts: Receptionists, Housekeepers and Breakfast Service. Each part contains knowledge and skills that is relevant for building up good customer service for managers and employees in the guesthouse and small hotel business. The workbook brings together the basic customer service concepts, theory, industry examples and plenty of practical activities that are easy to understand for the benefits of the users. The learning programme has been designed with the users in mind. Hence, users can choose to learn topics and do activities that are most relevant to their job role at their own pace and time.