Copyright and permissions
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Copyright and permissions

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The ILO holds copyright in the information available on this Web site, unless otherwise stated. Copyright in any third-party materials found on this Web site must also be respected. You may request permission to reproduce the ILO materials available on this Web site as follows:


1. ILO Publications: If you would like to request permission to copy translate, or otherwise reproduce the ILO material contained on this Web site for commercial or non-commercial purposes, simply complete the form, "Request for permission to reproduce ILO Copyright Material" and the ILO will be pleased to assist you. If your request concerns the International Labour Review, please send your request to

Copyright in documents produced by the International Programme on Chemical Safety is shared by the ILO, UNEP, WHO and the Commission of the European Communities. Please direct questions to

2. ILO Photographs: Appropriate credit must be given to the ILO and the photographer for the use of ILO photographs. The photographs should be used in a manner which respects human dignity without causing prejudice to any party. Internet users, including journalists and NGOs, who wish to obtain publication-quality photographs/slides (ILO Photo Library) should complete the form "Request for permission to reproduce ILO Photographs", identifying their publication and describing the context in which the photo would be used.

3. ILO Logo (emblem)/ Name: The Name and Logo (emblem) of the International Labour Organization are legally protected and may not be used without express written permission which will only be granted when appropriate in very limited circumstances.

Requests will only be accepted if they are in writing and contain the following information:
  1. the reasons in full for the request;
  2. details of the intended use; and
  3. full contact details of the person or organization making the request.
Requests for permission may be sent to

4. ILO Public Information: Press Releases and Press Kit material from the Public Information site may be reproduced freely. Texts of World of Work Magazine may be used with specific mention of source.

5. ILO Audio and Video Productions: ILO audio and video productions available for download on the ILO's Multimedia Download Centre are subject to the Creative Commons “Attribution-NonCommercial” 3.0 IGO license. To download and use ILO audio or video files, internet users, including journalists and NGOs, must register on the ILO’s Multimedia Download Centre and accept the terms license. Subject to said terms, users are free to share and remix ILO audio and video files with the condition that they are attributed to the International Labour Organization (ILO) and are not used for commercial purposes. With reference to section 4(e) of the license, ILO audio and video files must in particular not be used for a purpose contrary to the objectives of the ILO or in a manner which does not respect human dignity.

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