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Founded in 1933, The Sports and Leisure Association (S&L) of the International Labour Office encourages well-being and communication between colleagues through the practice of sport and leisure activities.The ambition of the Association is to bring together, promote and animate, on an entirely voluntary basis, a community spirit with the help of sport and culture. We wish you a pleasant visit to our site!

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Special events

  1. Do you enjoy sports? Register now for the “UN Olympics”, taking place this year in Lisbon, Portugal.

    This is your chance to enjoy a friendly and competitive atmosphere, defend the ILO colours in this Centenary year and meet with colleagues from other UN organizations worldwide.

    The 2019 United Nations Inter-Agency Games (IAG) will be held from 30 April to 4 May 2019 in Lisbon. The event is hosted this year by UNESCO Paris.

    Participation is open to all ILO staff with a valid contract (3 months minimum), as well as retirees. Interns and external collaborators are not, unfortunately, authorized to participate as an athlete.

    Anyone may join as a supporter!

    Competitions will be held in the following disciplines: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Darts, Football (men and women), Golf, Pétanque, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis and Volleyball (indoor).


    For more information on the Games, please consult the official website

    For registration please find here below the registration form or contact Alison Irvine (6063) or Johanna de Vries (7371).

About ILO Sports & Leisure

List of Committee Members
 President  Johanna de Vries  7371
 Vice-President  Alison Irvine  6063
 Vice-President  Barbara Christmann  7229
 Treasurer  Naomi Grobety  6198
 Web  Harvey Addo-Yobo  8725
 CIOS Representatives  Bill Ratteree, Johanna de Vries  7371
For any information regarding the S&L activities, contact us at