Staff Library

The ILO Staff Library was founded with just a few books in 1922, in the very early years of the Organization. From these small beginnings the number of English and French books on the shelves has risen to well over 10,000 - books of all kinds, both non-fiction (travel, history, biography, the arts, etc.) and fiction, among which appear works of literature as well as the latest adventure, romance and mystery novels by today's most popular authors. Some 300 new books are now being added to the collection each year.

The Staff Library is situated in Room R1-160 (opposite the dance floor in the Staff Lounge).

Opening hours: Tuesdays & Thursday, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Membership of the Staff Library is open to anyone holding a contract of at least one month with the ILO.

Subscription: 50 francs a year
30 francs for six months
5 francs per month for periods of less than six months

Retired ILO officials may become members of the Staff Library at half these rates.

The Staff Library also does a thriving trade in second-hand paperback books, which are sold during opening hours at 1 or 2 francs in aid of Staff Library funds. Gifts of paperbacks for resale are always welcome.

Further information and/or a selection of catalogues may be obtained from:
  • Karen Taswell (Chairperson)
  • Jane Auvré (Vice-Chairperson)
  • Janet Baglione (Secretary, English Section), tel. 807Susan Porter and Janet Pennington (English and French Secretary/Admin.) , tel. 6043 / 69408
  • May Hofman Ojermark (Treasurer)