Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is located on R1 north side through the door at the end of the "staff lounge". This access route may be modified depending on the activities in the "staff lounge" such as the ILC, but the alternate access to the fitness centre will be posted on the door to the "staff lounge".

The use of the fitness centre is authorized for members of the S&L Fitness Centre Section ONLY (see paragraph on membership) and at their own risk.

The fitness centre is open from 07:00 to 20:00 during the week. It is closed on weekends and holidays.


Membership is reserved for ILO employees only. This refers to persons that have a valid contract with the ILO. However, under the terms of the insurance, up to 20 retirees can become members as well as individuals employed by a company working on the ILO premises on a regular basis. Membership is not open to spouses, children and members of other International Organizations, and personal coaches are not allowed.

To become a member it is necessary to sign a waiver of responsibility exonerating the ILO and ILO staff, in case of accident while using the fitness equipment. The waiver is available in 3 languages (Eng/Fra/Spa) but in case of dispute, the English version prevails.

Each member will be charged an annual fee (180 CHF) that is due in January of each year for the full calendar year. When a staff member joins for the first time, a pro-rata fee till the end of the year will be charged. Because of the low rate; there will be no membership less than one year (except initially) and no full or partial refunds will be granted for any reason such as a modification of opening hours, or any event occurring to the ILO that causes limited access to the fitness centre or certain equipment. The annual fee may be modified depending on membership and required maintenance activities.

Please note that there is a special agreement for the ILO interns, as a pro-rata fee applies for the duration of their internship. The Intern Board is responsible for keeping an up- to-date list of the interns currently using the Fitness Centre.

Membership is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party.

To become a first time member it is necessary to:

  1. Pay the annual fee (currently set at 180 CHF for the year) at the post office in the Fitness Centre account with the prefilled postal payment slip (available at the entrance of the fitness room) for example: from 1 September to 31 December would be 60 CHF (15 CHF per month).
    Electronic payment is also possible using the following details:
    S&L Fitness Centre Section
    Account: 17-353979-3
  2. Print and sign the ILO Fitness Centre waiver of responsibility: English, French and Spanish.
  3. Send a copy of your proof of payment along with 1 identity picture (standard small size, 3 x 5 cm) as well as the signed waiver to: Mr Gilles Astier (R2-74)for processing.
  4. Go to the Badges office in R2 South during opening hours and show your proof of payment to get the access rights on your ILO badge.


  • No smoking or food is allowed in the fitness centre. You may bring water or other drinks but they should be placed on the floor beside the machine you are using.
  • Proper attire and CLEAN shoes are required for the fitness centre. No tank tops, bikinis, etc.
  • Use of cardiovascular equipment is limited to 20 minutes per machine during peak hours (07:00-8:30 / 12:00-14:00 / 17:00 20:00).
Retirees: equipment is available during off-peak hours only (08:30- 12:00/14:00-17:00).

The Fitness Centre area is cleaned on a daily basis by the Office’s cleaning staff to ensure proper hygiene in the workout area. The centre is also equipped with paper towels and a cleaning product, to spray on the equipment after each use.

The use of a towel is required and the equipment should be wiped after each use with the disinfectant spray found in the fitness area.

Please report any malfunction of the equipment by sending an e-mail to

If you have suggestions to improve the fitness Centre, etc, they can also be addressed to

If you are not feeling well or feel pain, stop your workout immediately and if necessary, call the Control Centre (8015) by using the phone found on the wall in the fitness area.

Shower facilities for men and women are available on the R1 level, close to the fitness room.

Have fun and enjoy your workouts!