For the past 20 years the ILO Darts Team was extremely active, participating in at least two unofficial tournaments per year, as well as in the official Inter-Agency Games. The ILO team participated in tournaments as far afield as Tunisia, Vienna, Rust, Pescara, Rome, London, Turin and Paris.

Unfortunately, the club has not found any volunteer to take over the club and it is now on stand-by. There is a dedicated space in the R1 area and the Articles of Organization exist.

Darts, as well as being a very sociable game, is great fun to play. However, it is also a very serious game. Despite the misconception that darts demands little skill, the contrary is the case. The game requires a great deal of concentration and nerves of steel, as well as a competitive spirit.

Anyone, interested in reviving the ILO Darts Section should please contact the S&L at sportsleisure@ilo.org