Since its establishment in 1950-51, the Art Circle has been a centre of keen artistic activity on the part of international staff. Its annual exhibition provides an opportunity to show the results of its work.

If you wish to join the Arts Circle and broaden your knowledge and appreciation of arts, contact Mr. A. Djokitch, room R1-156, ext. 8165, or write to le Cercle d'Art, BIT, 1211 Genève 22.

Committee Members

  • Mr. Alexandre Djokitch
  • Mr. Pierre Claude Kaufmann, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Ms. Dianne Baer, Deputy Secretary, and contact point with the Office Director of Sports and Leisure Association and the Arts Circle
  • Ms. Françoise Cortes, Committee member, French-speaking Section
  • Ms. Blanca Rodriguez Campoamor - GIOVO - Committee member, Hispano-American Section.

Annual Exhibition 2004

The Inter-Organizations Arts Club has pleasure in inviting you, your family and your friends, to visit the Art Exhibition which is being held from 26 April to 28 May 2004*, at the ILO Headquarters Building, 4 route des Morillons, in the Colonnades Hall, at R-2 level.

We have a well founded ambition to participate in the festivities which commemorate this important historical date for the ILO, which safeguarded the continuity of its work since 1919.

*The Exhibition is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. except on Monday, 3 May, on the occasion of Labour Day..

ILO 2004 - 85th Anniversary

Our big exhibition in honour of the 85th anniversary of the International Labour Office will take place in May 2004.