Statements and speeches

September 2007

  1. Statement

    Address by Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO for the 15th Inter-American Conference of Labour Ministers (IACLM)

    26 September 2007

    Address by Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO for the 15th Inter-American Conference of Labour Ministers (IACLM)

July 2007

  1. Statement

    ECOSOC 2007 Ministerial Declaration

    12 July 2007

    ECOSOC 2007 Ministerial Declaration

April 2007

  1. Statement

    Statement by Mr. Juan Somavia, on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work (28 April 2007)

    28 April 2007

  2. Statement

    Communiqué - Intergovernmental group of Twenty-four on International monetary affairs and development

    02 April 2007

    Ministers of the Intergovernmental Group of Twenty-Four on International Monetary Affairs and Development welcome the Report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, which provides guidance for placing employment at the center of the MDGs and the development agenda.

March 2007

  1. Statement

    Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on The Social Dimension of Globalisation — the EU's policy contribution on extending the benefits to all (COM(2004) 383 final) (2005/C 234/10)

    29 March 2007

    The European Economic and Social Committee believes that the European Union can make a significant contribution to shape the social dimension of globalisation due to its own history and experience of substantial and successful regional integration.

  2. Statement

    Petersberg Communiqué on European Development Policy

    13 March 2007

    Based on the “European Consensus on Development” (2005) the primary and overarching objective of EU development cooperation is the eradication of poverty in the context of sustainable development, including pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

February 2007

  1. Statement

    Commissioner Spidla's Statement to the Commission on Social development at the UN

    13 February 2007

    Speech by Mr. Vladimir Špidla, European Commissionner responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, mentions that globalisation has established itself as a powerful force for change. The increasing pace of change and keener competition have transformed the conditions of economic and social development, creating a new situation in which policies have to develop. He considered that these policies are interdependent and mutually reinforce each other, focusing on the target to create growth, full employment and greater social cohesion.

  2. Statement

    Interview of Maximiliano Cox, Director of the FAO Rural Development division

    08 February 2007

    In this interview Mr. Maximiliano Cox, Director of the FAO Rural Development Division gives an insight on the future collaborations between FAO and ILO in the framework of the issues raised by the report prepared by the World Commission on the Social Dimensions of Globalization and entitled "A Fair Globalization: creating opportunities for all."

December 2005

  1. Statement

    "The European consensus on development". Joint statement by the council and the representatives of the governments of the member states (2006/C 46/01)

    20 December 2005

    The "European Concensus on Development" provides a common vision that guides the action of the EU, both at its Member States and Community level, in development co-operation.

November 2005

  1. Statement

    Forced Labour And Human Trafficking: The Challenges Ahead by Roger Plant, Vienna, November 2005

    07 November 2005

    Presentation to OSCE High-Level Conference, “Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation on Forced and Bonded Labour”, Vienna, 7-8 November 2005