2012 Nobel Peace Prize

ILO Director-General congratulates EU on Nobel Peace Prize

Statement | Geneva | 12 October 2012
On behalf of the ILO, I congratulate the European Union (E.U.) on its receipt of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize for its tireless and successful efforts to achieve peace, reconciliation and democracy, and to promote human rights and support economic and social development across the world.

As highlighted by the UN Secretary-General on behalf of the entire UN-system, the E.U.’s achievement of peace within its borders, building on innovative mechanisms for dialogue and the rule of law, is a model to be emulated over the world. The E.U.’s unifying potential is all the more important in today’s economic climate. Today, the E.U. plays a central role in helping to build peace and save lives.

The E.U. and the ILO share the same foundational values of peace, social justice and the objective of combining economic and social progress. The E.U. supports the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda, both in its internal and external policies. The E.U. social model has not only been the mark for the E.U.’s internal social cohesion, but has also provided strong guidance to the E.U. partners in the world for improving both living and working conditions,for fostering jobs and sustainable enterprises,and for respecting the autonomy of social partners and the role of social dialogue.

The global financial and economic crisis is having a profound negative impact on many workers and employers in the EU, and in particular in the periphery countries of the Eurozone. I hope that the Nobel Peace Prize will encourage E.U. leaders, workers and employers to focus on decent job creation, with respect for fundamental rights and principles at work and for social dialogue, and on strengthening efforts for social inclusion.

I look forward to continuing the ILO’s strategic cooperation with the E.U. in promoting peace, social justice and sustainable social and economic development with decent work for all.