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October 2004

  1. Article

    Indonesia: The art of collective bargaining

    22 October 2004

    Trade union rights have come a long way in Indonesia in the past six years. ILO online examines how a Labour Union leader in a Jakarta supermarket, with the help of an ILO programme, has set an example for dozens of other companies in Indonesia to create a productive workplace where not only workers but clients benefit.

  2. Press release

    New ILO book explores "Decent Working Time Deficit" in the industrialized countries

    22 October 2004

  3. Article

    India: hope dawns as women beat poverty

    15 October 2004

    On the eve of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (17 October), women around the world are organizing against poverty. In India, hundreds of self-help groups provide one example how women, with the support of unions and the ILO, can mobilize to improve their lives.

  4. Press release

    New ILO report examines future of work and quality in the media, culture and graphical sector

    15 October 2004

    New media, multimedia and information and communication technologies may increase the demand for journalists, editors, artistes and others in the media, graphical and culture sectors, but compromise the quality of their work and of their working conditions, according to a new International Labour Office (ILO) report.

  5. Press release

    Report of ILO Commission of Inquiry says trade union independence has been undermined in Belarus

    08 October 2004

    According to a report ( Note 1) issued by an ILO Commission of Inquiry, several acts by the Government of Belarus give rise to the conclusion that the Belarus trade union movement has been and continues to be the subject of significant interference on the part of Government authorities.

  6. Article

    Frail older people – the long-term care challenge

    04 October 2004

    As the population in industrialized countries ages rapidly, the number of destitute and dependent people is growing. An average pension rarely covers the high costs of qualified care for the elderly. For this reason, Germany and Japan have introduced mandatory insurance systems to support care giving family members and relieve some of the burden on the state. German journalist Antje Soleimanian reports.

  7. Article

    Fair globalization gathers momentum at the United Nations: An interview with ILO Director-General Juan Somavia

    01 October 2004

  8. Press release

    New ILO programme to tackle discrimination, integration of migrant workers in Europe

    01 October 2004

    The International Labour Office (ILO), with the support of the European Union, today launched a new programme designed to tackle on the job discrimination that in some countries afflicts up to a third of migrant workers.

September 2004

  1. Press release

    Preparatory Technical Maritime Conference concludes successfully Delegates forge new Convention for the maritime industry

    24 September 2004

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) today took a significant step toward the creation of a major new international labour standard that provides a "Seafarers' Bill of Rights" for some 1.2 million maritime workers by consolidating a wide range of maritime standards adopted since the 1920's.

  2. Article

    The time-money squeeze: ILO study shows the difficulties of workers with family responsibilities

    21 September 2004