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December 2004

  1. Press release

    UN General Assembly adopts Resolution on World Commission Report on Fair Globalization

    07 December 2004

    The International Labour Office (ILO) today welcomed the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of a Resolution on the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization as a means of providing further impetus to the pursuit of a fair globalization.

  2. Press release

    Half the world's workers living below US$2 a day poverty line ILO says new policies for promoting productivity growth and decent jobs could improve outlook for working poor

    07 December 2004

    Half the world's workers - some 1.4 billion people - are trapped in grinding poverty unable to earn enough to lift themselves and their families above the US$2 a day poverty line, but this figure could be reduced if policies zero in on improving labour productivity and creating jobs, says a new study by the International Labour Office (ILO).

  3. Press release

    Biometric ID for seafarers ready to be issued New ILO Convention for maritime workers will come into force in February

    03 December 2004

    The International Labour Office (ILO) today announced that the new biometric system for issuing secure identity documents to the world's 1.2 million seafarers is ready for implementation, following successful testing of products that met the challenging requirement of "global interoperability" for such documents.

November 2004

  1. Article

    World AIDS Day 2004 HIV/AIDS and the world of work: Women bear the brunt

    30 November 2004

  2. Press release

    Media advisory: ILO Director-General on official visit to India, 26-28 November

    24 November 2004

    The Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Juan Somavia is visiting India on the invitation of the Government of India from 26 to 28 November 2004 for high level discussions with the government and representatives of workers' and employers' organizations.

  3. Press release

    ILO Governing Body concludes 291st session Considers labour rights in Myanmar, Belarus and globalization issues

    19 November 2004

    The Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) concluded its 291st session after considering strategies for the promotion of a fair globalization and a number of issues regarding fundamental rights at work, including Myanmar and Belarus and other countries.

  4. Article

    Microfinance paves the way to decent work

    18 November 2004

    Microfinance makes a powerful contribution to decent work: it facilitates small investments in self-employment and job creation; it also helps the poor to manage risks through emergency loans, savings and micro-insurance. The launch of the UN International Year of Microcredit on 18 November is an occasion to look at the pioneering role of microfinance. Here are two examples from an industrialized and a developing country.

  5. Article

    Africa: working out of poverty

    17 November 2004

    Today, Africa is working to find a way out of poverty. At the Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Ouagadougou in September 2004, many African heads of state and government formally adopted a Declaration making the job creation a prime objective for reducing poverty. This month, the ILO Governing Body is discussing the same issue. But how are these declarations being received in the fields of Africa. ILO Online provides two examples.

  6. News

    Media advisory: ILO lends support to African network of mutual health organizations

    17 November 2004

    In an effort to help boost the development of mutual health organizations in Africa, the ILO and a wide range of partners are lending support to the third forum of the "Coordination Network" of Mutual Health Organizations to be held in Bamako, Mali, from 17-19 November 2004. The forum will focus on the development of mutual health organizations (MHOs), engaged in improving quality of and access to health care.

  7. Article

    A tailor-made future for prosperity: Cambodia

    09 November 2004