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April 2020

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    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    Protect workers both now and after lockdowns ease, says ILO

    28 April 2020

    The International Labour Organization warns that without adequate safeguards for returning workers there could be a second wave of the virus.

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    COVID-19: Relying on social dialogue for solutions

    The COVID-19 crisis: A wake-up call to strengthen social protection systems

    24 April 2020

    Countries with effective health and social protection systems are better prepared to respond to the pandemic.

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    The G20 and the COVID-19 pandemic

    Global action to beat COVID-19 crisis vital to prevent employment disaster, ILO tells G20 ministers

    23 April 2020

    More needs to be done to protect workers and support businesses, particularly in low and middle income countries, the ILO Director-General has told labour ministers.

  4. © Jean‐Pierre Pellissier / ILO 2020

    COVID-19: Supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes

    ILO welcomes joint action to tackle COVID-19 threats to global garment industry

    22 April 2020

    Employers, workers, retailers and major brands will form an international working group – convened by the International Labour Organization – to address the already serious damage to the garment industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    COVID-19: Stimulating the economy and employment

    COVID-19: How social and economic sectors are responding

    21 April 2020

    The COVID-19 crisis is having a devastating effect on all social and economic sectors. In a series of briefs, the ILO analyses how the pandemic is affecting the functioning of these sectors and how they are responding to alleviate its effects.

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    COVID-19: Stimulating the economy and employment

    COVID-19 responses must be built on human solidarity, ILO tells World Bank/IMF

    17 April 2020

    In submissions to the Spring Meetings of the IMF and World Bank the ILO Director-General has laid out a four-pillar plan of policy responses to the COVID-19 crisis, that are human-centred and built on global solidarity.

  7. COVID-19 and labour statistics

    Will COVID-19 impair the availability and quality of labour statistics?

    16 April 2020

    During this COVID-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to collect up-to-date labour statistics so that we understand the fast-changing impact on labour markets. However, since most countries rely on face-to-face interviewing as their main way of collecting data, many of these interviews have been suspended. Find out how solutions are being found to keep the statistics flowing.

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    COVID-19: Stimulating the economy and employment

    Which policies can help small businesses withstand COVID-19?

    16 April 2020

    The survival of many small and medium enterprises hangs in the balance as the devastating economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to spread. What kind of policies are needed to prevent these businesses from collapsing, and along with them millions of jobs?

  9. © ILO 2020

    COVID-19: Protecting workers in the workplace

    Young workers will be hit hard by COVID-19’s economic fallout

    15 April 2020

    The COVID-19 emergency is affecting almost everyone in the world, regardless of age, income or country. However, young people are likely to be particularly hard hit by the economic fallout of the crisis. Find out five reasons why.

  10. © ILO 2020

    COVID-19: Solidarity between employers’ and workers’ organizations

    In times of crisis, solidarity between workers and employers is paramount, says the ILO

    09 April 2020

    Past crises show that workers and employers need to work together to address the impact of COVID-19, says a new joint report from the International Labour Organization’s workers’ and employers’ groups.