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April 2001

  1. Press release

    ILO to mark international commemoration day for dead and injured workers

    24 April 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - In memory of workers who die, are injured or fall ill due to unsustainable forms of production, the International Labour Organization (ILO) is to mark the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers at its headquarters here with a solemn ceremony on Friday, 27 April.

  2. Press release

    Hotel, catering and tourism employment expanding worldwide, but globalization leaves many small and medium sized enterprises behind

    02 April 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Although the hotel, catering and tourism (HCT) sectors produce an estimated 3-4 per cent of GDP in most of the world economy and employ approximately 3 per cent of the world's total labour force, its workers earn "on average at least 20 per cent less than workers in other economic sectors," according to an ILO report prepared for a tripartite meeting of industry experts, which gets underway in Geneva today.

March 2001

  1. Press release

    ILO Governing Body Concludes 280th session: Labour Standards, Myanmar and HIV/AIDS among agenda items

    30 March 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) concluded its 280 th session today after reviewing annual reports filed by member States under the Follow-up to the 1998 ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and discussing forced labour in Myanmar, workers' rights in Colombia, HIV/AIDS and the links between globalization and the world of work.

  2. Press release

    ILO launches new publications aimed at finding solutions to youth employment challenge

    30 March 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - Calling youth unemployment and underemployment "extremely serious and damaging for society as a whole," the International Labour Office (ILO) is launching two new publications designed at stimulating employers, workers and governments to find solutions to the global youth jobs challenge.

  3. Press release

    ILO Governing Body convenes 280th Session Programme and Budget, Labour Standards, Myanmar and HIV/AIDS among Agenda Items

    12 March 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) opened its 280 th session today and was to consider an innovative, zero, real-growth programme and budget for the years 2002-2003 that is designed to further enhance the Organization's ability to create jobs, promote basic rights at work, and foster social protection and social dialogue.

  4. Press release

    ILO hails signing of historical Labour Accord between Spanish-based telecoms giant and Union Network International

    12 March 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Juan Somavia, today hailed an agreement on a Code of Conduct signed by the Spanish-based telecommunications giant Telefónica and the global Union Network International (UNI) as a historical milestone in industrial relations.

  5. Press release

    ILO Director-General Takes aim at "Glass Ceiling" Commits Organisation to Gender Equality in Workplace

    08 March 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - "We cannot afford to lose out on women's talent," said Mr. Juan Somavia, Director-General of the ILO, insisted today in an address to a panel of international dignitaries on the occasion of International Women's Day. "Improving gender equality in the workplace", he added "Is the right thing to do; it's the smart thing to do."

  6. Press release

    ILO to Celebrate International Women's Day Conference to highlight women achievers

    02 March 2001

    Geneva ( ILO News) - On March 8, International Women's Day, the ILO is holding a conference to highlight the achievements of women who have managed to break through the pervasive but often invisible barriers to achievement that stymy the careers of so many others seeking equality of opportunity at the top echelons of international organizations and enterprises.

February 2001

  1. Press release

    Financial sector workforce hit by mergers and acquisitions "Human Factor" is key element in success rates for merged companies

    05 February 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The decade long wave of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) thatis reshaping the world's banking and financial service sectors is accelerating aggregateemployment declines in an industry that was traditionally characterized by stable and evenlifetime employment, according to an ILO report released in Geneva today for a tripartitemeeting of industry experts.

January 2001

  1. Press release

    International Shipping Industry Adopts "Geneva Accord"

    26 January 2001

    GENEVA (ILO News) - The 29 th session of the Joint Maritime Commission today announced a major agreement, known as the Geneva Accord, designed to improve safety and working conditions in the maritime industry.