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October 2021

  1. © M. Crozet / ILO 2021

    The Future of Work Podcast

    Rural women don’t want charity, they want to feel empowered

    15 October 2021

    Every year, on 15 October, the world celebrates the International Day of Rural Women, recognizing the critical role played by women in rural areas. This year the International Day recognizes their contribution to enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty. Listen to our latest podcast.

  2. © Mark Chaves / Unsplash 2021

    Annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group

    ILO: The world needs a global accelerator for jobs and social protection

    14 October 2021

    In a statement to the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, warned of a two-track recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and emphasized the need to increase investments in universal social protection, decent work and a just green transition. 

  3. Measurement of women and men’s work

    What to know when comparing data on women and men’s work

    13 October 2021

    An accurate measurement of women and men’s work is not straightforward. New guidance from the ILO and World Bank, based on a study done in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), aims to improve data collection for more reliable and meaningful results.

  4. Climate change

    Action needed at COP26 to reduce the risk of natural disasters

    13 October 2021

    Natural disasters threaten to wipe out years of development progress in some areas of the world. Ahead of COP26, the ILO calls for greater global cooperation to reduce natural disaster risk and provide support to those impacted by climate change and natural disasters.

  5. World Mental Health Day

    Protect mental health in the workplace during COVID-19

    10 October 2021

    Work arrangements and conditions have changed considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has brought new psychosocial challenges for the health and well-being of workers. An ILO guide contains the key elements needed to protect health and well-being at work.

  6. © ILO/Aaron Santos 2021

    Occupational safety and health

    ILO adopts code of practice on safety and health in textiles, clothing, leather and footwear industries

    08 October 2021

    More than 60 million workers around the globe will benefit from concrete guidance on improving safety and health in one of the world’s oldest manufacturing sectors.

  7. © ECSP 2021

    COVID-19 recovery and climate action

    A more ambitious financing strategy to enable the world to build back more inclusively and sustainably is feasible, says a new ILO paper

    07 October 2021

    Bolder use of the existing international financial architecture could accelerate worldwide COVID-19 recovery and climate action, including in low- and lower-middle-income countries, says a new ILO research paper.

  8. © ILO 2021

    Occupational safety and health

    Seafarers desperately need prompt access to medical care say ILO and International Maritime Organization

    06 October 2021

    With hundreds of thousands of seafarers unable to disembark due to COVID-19 restrictions, a joint statement issued by the two organizations says the issue of medical care for seafarers is ‘a matter of life or death’.

  9. ILO InfoStory

    ILO Global Call to Action for a Human-centred Recovery

    06 October 2021

    What measures are needed to achieve a recovery from the COVID-19 crisis that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient? Find out more about the ILO roadmap to convert the moral and political aspiration of leaving no one behind into concrete action, in this new InfoStory.

  10. Video

    A critical role for teachers in the COVID-19 recovery

    05 October 2021

    Teachers will play a critical role in the COVID19 recovery as they get education back on track and teach the skills needed for the future of work. In order to do this, teachers need decent and safe working conditions, including equitable access to vaccines.