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Taking the ILO to the people

For its Centenary the International Labour Organization (ILO) launches major global campaign to connect with the public on world of work issues.

Press release | 10 January 2019
GENEVA (ILO NEWS) – To coincide with its 100th year, the ILO has announced a Global Campaign, “Taking the ILO to the people”, that demonstrates the relevance of the Organization’s founding mandate to contemporary challenges and its central role in helping build a fairer future for all.

“Work and the search for it touches all of our lives, yet many don’t know the international organization that has helped shape the world of work since 1919. Our objective, through a unified global outreach effort, is to show how the ILO has benefited and continues to benefit people’s world of work experience,” said ILO Communications Director Martin Murphy.

The campaign highlights 25 topics, that concern people’s daily lives, from gender equality and youth employment to climate change and artificial intelligence. Brought to life through a set of dynamic visuals and animations, the campaign is designed for adaptation to local context and use in public spaces and on social media.

The campaign materials are designed to be flexible for use on outdoor billboards, public transport, in magazines and websites. A series of ready-to-go social media cards and GIFs are also publically available for use on social media, using the hashtag #ILO100.

All materials provide a link back to a new interactive website – – that provides an immersive multimedia journey through the ILO’s past, present and future.

Founded in 1919, the ILO brings together Governments, employers and workers to set international labour standards and promote decent work. From the 8 hour day, to maternity protection, to measures to eradicate forced and child labour, the ILO has shaped international labour law that has a direct impact on people’s lives.

In 2015, as its Centenary approached, the ILO established a Global Commission on the Future of Work, convened to consider responses to the major transformations now impacting on labour markets. The Commission will publish its findings in a major report on 22nd January.

For more information on the campaign or to have access to the promotional material, please contact Ms. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman,