ILO Decent Work Results 2016-2017

ILO launches new app to highlight its results

New app shows the outcome of ILO work in 130 countries in 2016-2017.

Press release | 12 March 2018
GENEVA – The ILO has launched a new web application to highlight its achievements in promoting decent work in 2016-2017.

The app points to significant decent work results in 130 countries. With a few simple clicks, users can access detailed information on the results achieved and the ILO contribution by outcome, indicator, region and country. The app also shows how the decent work results contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“This app will be very useful for ILO constituents, partners, staff and the general public to be well informed about the progress made towards advancing the Decent Work Agenda in ILO member States in 2016-17”, says André Bogui, Director of the ILO’s Strategic Programming and Management Department (PROGRAM). “It’s very user-friendly and contains a wealth of information.”

The website complements the ILO Programme Implementation 2016-17 report.