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ILO high level mission to Venezuela cancelled

Press release | 30 January 2018
In the framework of the examination of the Complaint concerning the non-observance by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of the Minimum Wage-Fixing Machinery Convention, 1928 (No. 26), the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention, 1948 (No. 87), and the Tripartite Consultation (International Labour Standards) Convention, 1976 (No. 144), the ILO Governing Body, at its November 2017 Session, requested the Government to invite a High Level Mission led by its Officers – composed of its Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons – to meet with government authorities, FEDECAMARAS and their member organizations and affiliated companies, as well as trade unions and leaders from all social sectors.

The High Level Mission was scheduled from 29 January to 1 February 2018, to undertake the agenda of meetings that had been previously submitted to the Government. However, in the absence of a confirmation from the Government that the Mission would be able to meet with all the workers’ organizations and other entities indicated in the proposed agenda, the Officers of the Governing Body have concluded that the necessary conditions were not in place for a full and effective conduct of the Mission. Consequently, it has not been possible to carry it out.