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Social protection

ILO launches global appeal for donations to support social protection floors

For the first time, the International Labour Organization (ILO) makes donations by private households - besides enterprises and foundations - possible.

Press release | 19 December 2017
GENEVA (ILO News) – The International Labour Organization (ILO) has launched a global appeal to receive private donations to support social protection floors in low and middle income countries.

Donations will contribute to building sustainable social protection systems which could change the lives of some 400 million people who are today excluded from receiving basic social security benefits. The contributions will feed an ILO/King Baudouin Foundation Social Protection Floors Fund.

Up to 91.5 per cent of each donation will go directly to build sustainable social protection systems in the respective countries. With this fund, the ILO will continue and expand its support as part of its Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All, which helps countries achieve universal social protection.

Today, 55 per cent of the world population has no access to social protection. The ILO’s Flagship Programme aims to bring coverage to millions of people excluded from social protection by 2030. Since its launch in 2016, the Programme has achieved tangible results in 14 out of the 21 target countries. To continue this important work, the Programme still needs to bridge a resource gap of US$30 million. An ILO programme in Cambodia alone – aimed at expanding social health protection to all workers – will benefit 1.1 million families.

“Social protection is something that most of us enjoy but often take for granted. Still, it remains a privilege for far too few. When people have access to social protection, it changes their lives,” said Isabel Ortiz, Director of the ILO’s Social Protection Department.

She cites the example of Regina: her life has changed after she could accede to an old-age pension. Regina lives in a small village in Mozambique. In the past, she was relying on the charity of her neighbours and friends. Since 2010, she benefits from a state-sponsored social pension. With this monthly allowance, she can buy rice, sugar and salt, and cover her transportation costs to the hospital. She can now even take care of her grandson who lives with her. “The day I receive my allowance, I am someone,” says Regina.

The example of Regina shows that universal social protection is possible. By donating today, you can change the lives of millions.

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