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Global South-South Development Expo 2016

South-South Cooperation: ILO Solution Forum to focus on governance of work

ILO Forum during the Global South-South Expo in Dubai will showcase good governance practices in the world of work.

Press release | Dubai | 01 November 2016
DUBAI, UAE (ILO News) – The latest edition of the ILO Solution Forum will focus on governance of work and South-South cooperation.

Government, worker and employer representatives from Tunisia will address the Forum to showcase how the “social contract” between government and the social partners in their country paved the way for economic reforms and improvements in labour market governance, social dialogue, social protection, employment and vocational training.

The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, was instrumental in achieving this new social contract. Among the four crowned organizations were the Tunisian social partners: the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) and the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA).

The Global South-South Expo in Dubai is an occasion to showcase this and other good practices, including the ILO-Algeria South-South Cooperation Initiative on Social Dialogue.

The Solution Forum is also part of the ILO’s Future of Work Initiative, which organizes national dialogues around four conversations, including the governance of work.

The Forum is intended to help ILO staff and members, including governments, employers and workers, access tools and methodologies which enable them to implement new South-South and triangular cooperation projects. A South-South technical cooperation (SSTC) virtual meeting point, and tailor-made coaching and training sessions will allow them to follow up on their learning experiences at the SSTC.

Speakers invited to the forum include:
  • Mr. Foued Ben Abdallah, Director General of the Labour Inspectorate and the reconciliation to the Ministry of social Affairs, Tunisia
  • Mr. Anouar Kaddour, Deputy Secretary General in charge of studies and member of the executive bureau of UGTT, Tunisia
  • Mr. Khelil Ghariani, Chairman of the Social Committee and member of the executive bureau of UTICA, Tunisia
  • Mr. Akli Berkati, Director, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Algeria
Ms Anita Amorim from the ILO Partnerships and Development Department and Ms Maria Luz Vega, Coordinator of the ILO’s Future of Work Initiative, will moderate the session.