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Social dialogue

ILO welcomes Fiji tripartite agreement on labour relations

Press release | 25 March 2015
GENEVA – The International Labour Organization (ILO) has welcomed an agreement signed by Fiji’s tripartite constituents to use the Employment Relations Promulgation (ERP) as the primary basis for labour management relations in the country.

The agreement was signed by the Minister for Employment, Productivity & Industrial Relations, Jioji K. Konrote, the Chief Executive of Fiji’s Commerce & Employers Federation, Nesbitt D. F. Hazelman, and General-Secretary of Fiji’s Trade Union Congress, Felix Anthony.

Fiji has been the focus of attention by the ILO Governing Body over the past years regarding allegations of breaches of ILO Convention 87.

ILO Director-General Guy Ryder welcomed the agreement, saying that “the joint efforts of the government, employers and workers to solve social conflict have proven their value in more than 90 years of ILO history – I am confident that the values of such tripartite social dialogue will also benefit Fiji now.”

The parties agreed that the review of labour laws conducted under the Employment Relations Advisory Board (ERAB) mechanism should ensure compliance with ILO core Conventions. They also agree that any further issues and recommendations for review should be negotiated through the ERAB mechanism.

Following the tripartite agreement, the ILO Governing Body – in session until 27 March – decided to defer the decision to consider the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to its next session in November.