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New ILO report

ILO to issue new study on global trends in social protection (2010-2015)

Media advisory | 12 November 2014
GENEVA – The International Labour Organization (ILO) is to launch a new study entitled “Social protection global policy trends 2010-2015”.

It will be launched on the occasion of the meeting of Economic and Social Councils to be held in Seoul, South Korea, next week.

Based on research conducted for the ILO’s World Social Protection Report 2014/15, the study looks at how fiscal consolidation policies are affecting social protection schemes in both, developed and developing economies.

The study examines trends in IMF government spending projections for 181 countries since 2008, and presents the main adjustment measures and their adverse socio-economic impacts.

While trends in social protection are diverging across regions, the analysis focuses on the expansion of social protection floors in developing countries. The study also reviews potential fiscal space for the extension of social protection systems, and argues in favour of investments in social protection as a means to recover from the global economic and social crisis.

The policy paper will be made available to all journalists on Monday, 17 November for immediate release at 08:00 GMT.

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