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Hollywood rolls out green carpet for the ILO

Film composer, Hans Zimmer and movie director, Ron Howard – both Academy Award winners - are hosting a party in Hollywood to raise awareness of the ILO’s Green Jobs Programme on Thursday 21 February.

Press release | 19 February 2013
GENEVA – Movie celebrities and film industry insiders will be attending an exclusive cocktail party on February 21st in Hollywood, which aims to promote the idea of green jobs in a green economy.

The party, entitled “Una Notte Verde”, is sponsored by the entertainment magazine Vanity Fair, and is part of the publication’s week-long series of charity events leading up to the 2013 Oscars.

It will be an opportunity for the International Labour Organization to raise awareness of its Green Jobs Programme, which works in many countries, offering research, guidance and practical tools to help governments, business and workers make the transition to a green, low-carbon economy.

Two ILO green entrepreneurship projects in Kenya and China will be highlighted at the event – both examples of how the organization has helped young people develop their skills and create new jobs through green innovation.

The Kenya project helps young women start businesses that promote, sell and service solar-powered lanterns in rural Kenya through the ILO’s Youth Entrepreneurship Facility.

In China, thousands of young people have been trained to develop business skills and feasible business ideas through the Green Business Options Training Scheme. One of the trainees, for instance, developed a switch that reduces electricity consumption in LED light bulbs.

Green jobs reduce energy consumption and raw materials, limit greenhouse gas emissions, minimize waste and pollution and protect and restore ecosystems. According to the ILO, they are pivotal to achieving economic and social development which is also environmentally sustainable. 

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