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83rd International Labour Conference Opens: Mr. Al-jarwan, UAE, Elected President


Press release | 04 June 1996


GENEVA (ILO News) - Mr. Saif Ali Al-Jarwan, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, was unanimously elected President of the 83rd Session of the International Labour Conference, this morning in Geneva.

"Several areas of tension still threaten international peace and security in the world. The elimination of international tensions can only be achieved if everyone works towards peace, that is both international and regional peace", said Mr. Al-Jarwan upon taking the Chair. "The world requires more international cooperation to settle conflicts peacefully (...). The ILO, because of its unique tripartite structure, has a special and very important role to play for the future of humanity."

"(...) The United Arab Emirates figure among the countries which provide special assistance to developing countries and we devote part of our financial resources to development projects in different countries (...). My country devotes 3.5% of its Gross Domestic Product to development aid and we have helped more than 60 countries in the four corners of the earth."

"From this rostrum, I state that we are not doing this to boast before you but because we are deeply concerned about the development of humanity as a whole".

Also elected at the opening session this morning, were the Conference's three Vice-Presidents, Mr. David S. Boateng, Minister of Employment and Social Welfare of Ghana (representing governments); Mr. Jorge De Regil Gómez Muriel, of Mexico (representing employers) and Mr. Madia Diop, of Senegal (representing workers).