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International Labour Conference 3-19 June, 1997


Press release | 29 May 1997


GENEVA (ILO News) - The 85 th Session of the International Labour Conference will be held in Geneva from 3-19 June. The opening session is at 11:00 hrs on Tuesday 3, June in the Assembly Hall of the UN Palais des Nations. The President of the Conference will be elected at that session.

The Conference is the largest annual event in the calendar of the International Labour Organization and functions very much like a world parliament of labour, in which social and labour questions of importance to the entire world are discussed.

It is attended by approximately 3,000 delegates drawn from the ILO's 174 member States. Over 160 national delegations are expected to participate. The tripartite delegations, often led by Ministers of Labour, are made up of 2 government delegates, an employer delegate and a worker delegate.

The guest of honour of this year's Conference will be His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan, who will address a special plenary sitting at 11:00 hrs on Friday, 13 June in the Assembly Hall of the UN. Seats for journalists are reserved in the press gallery.

On Thursday, 12 June, Mr. James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank will address a plenary sitting at 10:00 hrs in the Assembly Hall of the UN. Afterwards, at 11:15 hrs, he will participate in an informal discussion on "Social progress: Common concerns and strategies in a globalizing world" to be held at the ILO headquarters with Ministers and delegates representing employers and workers (Room II). Both events are open to the press.

As of Monday, 2 June, press accreditation for visiting correspondents can be obtained from the ILO PRESSE service (Palais des Nations, Office A-563, tel. 917.6820). For UN-registered, Geneva correspondents, no accreditation is necessary.

Among the standing items of the 1997 Conference are:

* Reports of the Chairman of the Governing Body and of the Director-General;
* The 1998-99 programme and budget of the ILO, and other financial questions;
* Information and reports on the application of Conventions and Recommendations.

Items placed on the agenda by the Governing Body are:

* Revision of the ILO Convention on Fee-Charging Employment Agencies (No. 96, 1949);
* General conditions to stimulate job creation in small- and medium-sized enterprises;
* Contract Labour;
* Amendments to the ILO Constitutional procedures to abrogate Conventions deemed (by a two-thirds majority) to be obsolete.

A curtain raising press release providing further information will be distributed on Monday, 2 June at the Palais des Nations.