Press releases

August 2022

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    Media advisory

    ILO to release new report on youth employment

    04 August 2022

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    Job losses

    New ILO estimates show Myanmar remains deeply affected by job losses in first half of 2022

    01 August 2022

    Employment remains well below 2020 levels while productivity levels contract further and job quality deteriorates.

July 2022

  1. Press release

    International Conference on the Future of Social Security for New Forms of Work

    29 July 2022

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    Child labour and human trafficking

    Top DJ duo NERVO debut song to raise awareness of child labour and human trafficking

    26 July 2022

    Ahead of World Day Against Human Trafficking, top-ranked female DJ duo NERVO have teamed up with the children’s charity Hopeland and the International Labour Organization to urge action on child vulnerability, child labour and human trafficking.

  3. Press release

    The ILO supports the young generation in China for a brighter future

    25 July 2022

  4. Press release

    Ensuring the protection of Indonesian migrant workers through the integration of the Migrant Worker Resources Center (MRC) Services with the Gender-Responsive One-Roof Integrated Services (LTSA) in Blitar District

    25 July 2022

    The Ministry of Manpower, together with the Blitar District Government, the joint ILO-UN Women’s Safe and Fair Programme, the European Union, the Confederation of All Indonesian Labour Unions (KSBSI) and the Indonesian Women Coalition of East Java Region will launch the Gender-Responsive Information Center and One-Roof Integrated Services (Migrant Worker Resource Center /MRC) of Blitar District, East Java.

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    Climate Action for Jobs

    Mauritania joins the Climate Action for Jobs Initiative

    20 July 2022

    Mauritania is joining the UN’s Climate Action for Jobs Initiative, which brings to 49 the coalition of countries that have committed to support a just ecological transition by formulating a national plan for a just transition, creating decent and green jobs.

  6. BRICS Ministers of Labour and Employment meeting

    ILO Director-General welcomes BRICS commitment to green jobs, skills development, workers’ protection

    15 July 2022

    Guy Ryder warned the BRICS Labour and Employment Ministers, from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, of a growing risk of further labour market deterioration in 2022.

  7. Press release

    Electronics sector looks for brighter future by addressing skills gaps, bettering working conditions

    15 July 2022

    Promoting social dialogue and workplace compliance is key to sustain the growth of Viet Nam’s key industry.

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    Gender equality

    Women in the health and care sector earn 24 per cent less than men

    13 July 2022

    The most comprehensive global analysis of gender pay inequalities in the health and care sector finds that women face a larger gender pay gap than other economic sectors.