ILO in the media


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    Substandard Working Conditions in the Maritime Industry

    10 April 2002

    Conditions of work onboard ships often take a backseat to technical standards, to the detriment of the crew and the shipping industry as a whole.

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    Children Perish in Colombian Mining Accident

    10 February 2002

    Children were among the dead or missing in an accident that took the lives of more than 80 people working in a Colombian mine ILO Television reports from the scene the trafficking of children for exploitive purposes. An ILO TV report from Chang Rai.

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    Director-General Juan Somavia on the Global Economy

    04 February 2002

    Director-General Juan Somavia appeared on CNN's World News bulletin during his attendance at the 2002 World Economic Forum in New York


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    Jobs at Risk

    29 November 2001

    Director-General Juan Somavia discusses threat to jobs as a result of global economic downturn and the events of September 11th

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    Global Job Fears

    22 November 2001

    UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan attends the ILO's Global Employment Forum amid projections that up to 24 million jobs could be lost worldwide.