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  1. ILO: Work hazards kill millions, cost billions

    23 May 2003

    Workers, employers and governments are marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. In a new report, the ILO says the annual cost to the global economy is a staggering 1.25 thousand billion (trillion). This report outlines the occupational safety and health crisis and explains how it can be dealt with.

  2. ILO: Workplace discrimination, a picture of hope and concern

    23 May 2003

    A new ILO report on discrimination at work - the most comprehensive to date - says workplace discrimination remains a persistent global problem, with new, more subtle forms emerging. While significant progress in combatting inequalities at the workplace is cause for hope, the report says new forms of discrimination are cause for growing concern.

  3. ILO concern: the unbearable fate of child soldiers

    23 May 2003

    Among the voiceless victims of the worst forms of child labour are child soldiers - or children who fight - for whatever reason - or provide various forms of support in conflicts. Many of these children face not only the dangers of combat, but suffer physical abuse or rape at the hands of their fellow combatants. A recent conference organized by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) in Washington highlighted the plight of child soldiers, and announced a $13 million programme to rehabilitate them - including $7 million to develop comprehensive strategies with the ILO.

  4. Employment in the utilities sector continues to decline

    23 May 2003

    Mergers and acquisitions in the water, electricity and gas services have resulted in a continuous employment decline in most countries since 1985, according to a new report by the International Labour Office (ILO) to be discussed at a "Tripartite Meeting on Challenges and Opportunities Facing Public Utilities" here on 19-23 May 2003.