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  1. A universal challenge: Social security for the world

    01 December 2003

    Only one in five people worldwide enjoys adequate social security coverage. Faced with this stark reality, the ILO has initiated a new global campaign to encourage and assist member States to extend social security to all of their citizens. The Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All, reflects a global consensus among governments, employers and workers to take up this challenge. In this report, World of Work outlines this new campaign.

  2. "We created jobs...": The forest peoples of Mayurbhanj

    01 December 2003

    In two and a half years, an innovative ILO project has helped create well over 2,000 jobs, and pull more than 200 indebted families out of a debt trap. This three-year ILO INDISCO project aims at creating decent employment for tribal peoples in the remote forests of Mayurbhanj in Orissa, India, and is well on its way to becoming a replicable model.

  3. Xth African Regional Meeting: Decent work for Africa’s development: Signs of hope

    01 December 2003

    Half of Africa’s population, over 300 million people, live in extreme poverty on the equivalent of US$1 a day or less – the highest intra-regional poverty level and the widest gap between rich and poor in the world. Strategies for reducing such poverty and closing this gap through a job-centred development agenda are the main items on the table at the ILO 10th African Regional Meeting, on 2 to 5 December, in Addis Ababa. What are the key issues facing Africa today and what can be done about them?

  4. Xth African Regional Meeting. Gender and poverty: Planting the "SEEDs" of change

    26 November 2003

    Many women in Africa are inordinately affected by poverty. But there are success stories. This article explains how the ILO Programme on Boosting Employment through Small Enterprise Development (IFP/SEED), and its team working on Women's Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Equality (WEDGE), can help plant the seeds of change for Africa's women workers.

  5. Xth African Regional Meeting. Youth Employment: A leap to the future

    25 November 2003

    More than half of Africa's population is under 18 and is hard hit by unemployment. What's more, only 5 to 10 per cent of new entrants into the job market can be absorbed by the formal economy. This article explains how a new Youth Employment Network" ("YEN") – grouping the ILO, the World Bank and the United Nations – is working to help young people find more and better jobs on the continent.

  6. Xth African Regional Meeting. Social security in Africa: A universal need

    21 November 2003

    The majority of Africa's workers today have no social security coverage – and the systems which do exist are threatened by such phenomena as weakness of governance and the impact of HIV/AIDS. This article explains new approaches which are being taken to remedy this, as part of the new ILO Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All, launched this past June at the International Labour Conference.

  7. Xth African Regional Meeting

    14 November 2003

    Decent work for Africa’s development: Signs of hope

  8. Old and new ways of solving social problems

    11 November 2003

    While trade unions have played an essential role in social dialogue between workers, employers and governments, their membership in many countries has declined dramatically in recent years. Looking back over a long career in the German and international trade union movement, Werner Thönnessen explores some old and new ways in which trade unions can adapt to this trend, while meeting the challenges of globalization.

  9. Failing health systems in Eastern Europe

    03 November 2003

  10. Women seafarers: Fighting against the tide?

    16 October 2003