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June 2003

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    IT outsourcing goes global

    01 June 2003

    Many information technology jobs have been shifted to lower-cost countries, and may soon migrate onwards to regions offering even cheaper labour. Journalist Andrew Bibby examines how, for the first time, white-collar staff are among those affected by job exports

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    ILO: Workplace discrimination, a picture of hope and concern

    01 June 2003

    A new ILO report on discrimination at work - the most comprehensive to date - says workplace discrimination remains a persistent global problem, with new, more subtle forms emerging. While significant progress in combatting inequalities at the workplace is cause for hope, the report says new forms of discrimination are cause for growing concern.

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    World Day Agaisnt child Labour 2003

    01 June 2003

    Child trafficking is one of the worst forms of child labour. Affecting 1.2 million children worldwide, child trafficking is the movement of children from place to place - through force, coercion or deception - into situations involving their economic and sexual exploitation. It is a crime under international law. Worldwide, the World Day Against Child Labour is bringing new attention to the campaign against child trafficking

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    ILO: Travel woes: tourism and travel jobs suffer new decline

    01 June 2003

    Since January of 2002, when the ILO first reported major job losses in the travel and tourism sector due to post-September 11 economic woes and security concerns, the sector is facing new problems. The recent outbreak of SARS has further cut into the sector, axing more jobs. ILO analyst Dirk Belau answers questions about the problems facing the sector.

May 2003

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    29 May 2003

    New studies into health services in the former Soviet republic of Ukraine paint an alarming picture of dropping life expectancy and a rise in infectious diseases, including TB and Aids. Universal health care for all workers is no longer an option with an economy in transition and high unemployment. The International Labour Organisation and the union federation, Public Services International, found that health workers are struggling to survive on their wages and -- with the SARS virus -- there’s a new fear, as ILO TV now reports from Kiev.

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    The vital link : [computer file] video on cd-rom / International Labour Office, Sectoral Activities, MARIT Team.

    29 May 2003

    Presents an account of the sometimes difficult living and working conditions of seafarers under the background of ILO's Maritime Conventions. Includes statements from shipowners, workers federations and others.

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    Employment in the utilities sector continues to decline

    23 May 2003

    Mergers and acquisitions in the water, electricity and gas services have resulted in a continuous employment decline in most countries since 1985, according to a new report by the International Labour Office (ILO) to be discussed at a "Tripartite Meeting on Challenges and Opportunities Facing Public Utilities" here on 19-23 May 2003.

April 2003

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    12 April 2003

    A new study from the International Labour Office finds discrimination in the workplace is rampant and that new forms are emerging. In Eastern Europe, unemployment rates are particularly high for the disabled and are a particular cause for concern, as ILO TV reports.

March 2003

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    Danger: Children working – Guatemala fireworks industry

    20 March 2003

    More than 80 million children worldwide are employed in dangerous work, International Labour Organization figures show. In Guatemala, many work in the fireworks industry, but as ILO TV now reports, the challenge is to find poor families alternative sources of income.

February 2003

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    13 February 2003

    An international conference in Washington this week (May 7-8) organized by the US Department of Labour will highlight the plight of child soldiers. More than 300 000 youngsters under 18 are fighting in conflicts all around the world. A report from the International Labour Organization, or ILO, looks at some of the roots of the problem and measures needed to help former combatants return to normal life.