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July 2004

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    01 July 2004

    In Cambodia, a system of factory monitors has virtually eliminated child labour in the textile industry. It’s partly down to a unique partnership with the government, employers, and the International Labour Organization. ILO TV reports on the difference it has made to the life of one young girl, Sok Keng.

June 2004

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    Delivering treatment for HIV/AIDS in the workplace: the ILO role

    25 June 2004

    The ILO is working to support the World Health Organization and UNAIDS in providing help for millions of people with HIV/AIDS. As one of the co-sponsors of the "3 by 5" initiative, the ILO will harness the potential of occupational health services in delivering and monitoring treatment, and mobilize its social partners to help spread the "know your status" message to encourage voluntary testing. Dr Benjamin O. Alli, Coordinator, Technical Cooperation and Advisory Services, ILO Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work explains how the ILO can help "3 by 5" to succeed.

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    24 June 2004

    All African women work. Very few women work in formal workplaces. Even fewer expect to keep their job when they have a baby, much less get maternity leave. But that is not the case for a group of women security guards in Uganda. As ILO TV reports, in an industry where it’s a surprise to find women at work, both workers and employer are finding advantages in unionization and maternity leave.

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    Strengthening the voice of women at the ILO

    24 June 2004

    The International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization (ILO) annually gathers some 3,000 delegates representing governments, worker and employer organizations. Yet walking the halls of the United Nations building in Geneva where the meeting takes place, it was strikingly clear that at the 92nd International Labour Conference - just as during previous conferences - women remained under-represented among the delegates. Now, the ILO is working with its social partners to change this.

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    New hope for the world's 86 million migrant workers

    23 June 2004

    The ILO's 92nd International Labour Conference has adopted a new plan aimed at providing a fair deal for the world's 86 million migrant workers. The plan includes a host of measures for managing migration, protecting their rights and preventing trafficking. This news feature tells the story.

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    "No more working, take to books" - Making dreams possible

    17 June 2004

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    Argentina: decent work as a goal for development

    16 June 2004

    There are signs of employment recovery in Argentina, but a lot remains to be done, outlined tripartite representatives and the ILO who signed a Memorandum of Understanding expressing their support to the launch of a National Decent Work Programme.

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    Lighting up the opposition Smoking at work: non-smokers gain the upper hand

    14 June 2004

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    The real story of Cinderella: Children in domestic labour

    11 June 2004

    All children are encouraged to lend a hand at home. But a new report from the International Labour Organization, or ILO, highlights the plight of the millions of youngsters who are exploited in domestic service. ILO TV tells the real story of Cinderella.

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    Shackled dreams, lost learning: The costs of child domestic labour

    09 June 2004

    They are the hidden face of child labour. In Latin America, nearly 2 million girls are child domestic labourers. Like millions of other children employed outside of their family homes - often in abusive, exploitative conditions - they form a vast, cadre who are hidden behind closed doors, can't go to school and face a lost childhood. This year's World Day Against Child Labour focuses on their plight, and their hopes for the future.