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February 2007

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    Rebuilding Baphuon Temple in Angkor, Cambodia

    05 February 2007

    Tourists will soon be able to visit one of Angkor’s greatest treasures: the 11th century Baphuon temple. Now the temple is the centre of a huge archaeological reconstruction effort. Safety training means today’s Khmer construction workers are reclaiming this piece of their heritage without the dangers their ancestors faced.

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    Decent work in New Zealand: Thinking globally, acting locally

    05 February 2007

    The launch last week of a new campaign on decent work and a website by the government, employers and workers of New Zealand reinforces the reputation of the country as a leader in promoting more and better jobs, social protection, fundamental rights at work and social dialogue. ILO Online reports.

January 2007

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    International Framework Agreements: a global tool for supporting rights at work

    31 January 2007

    France Telecom has become the latest company to sign an international framework agreement with a global union federation. Covering more than 200,000 employees worldwide, the global agreement signed on 21 December 2006 between the French multinational, the Union Network International (UNI), and telecom unions around the globe, addresses respect for ILO core standards across the group - including the right to join a union and to bargain collectively and freedom from discrimination and forced or child labour. ILO Online spoke with Dominique Michel, Team Leader of the ILO's Multinational Enterprises Programme, about these global agreements.

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    Creating a "socialist harmonious society in the countryside": Towards universal health insurance in rural China

    30 January 2007

    In 2003, the government launched a New Rural Cooperative Medical Insurance (NRCMI) with an ambitious objective of covering all rural residents by 2010. The new health insurance system is seen as a central pillar of the government's plan to improve the working and living conditions of the country's huge agricultural workforce and eliminate poverty in the countryside. Will it be feasible?

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    Global Employment Trends 2007 Press Conference

    24 January 2007

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    Marinalva: Mobile Squad Labour Inspector

    12 January 2007

    Marinalva is a labour inspector, part of the Brazilian government team called the “mobile squad”. They inspect farms in remote parts of the country, rescuing workers from forced labour as ILO TV explains.

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    Burkina Faso: Protecting the Environment by Profiting from Garbage

    12 January 2007

    Burkina Faso’s first plastic recycling centre is paving the way for a new kind of development project. It provides a money earner to the poor while tackling environmental pollution. Local industry also benefits – the recycled plastic granules cost half the price of importing new plastic from abroad.

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    Bulgaria: Joining the European Union

    12 January 2007

    As Bulgaria joins the European Union, it must enforce tougher safety and health standards. To avoid having to pay out big compensation benefits, Bulgarian employers are looking more towards preventing accidents before they happen by setting up a safety and health monitoring service. ILO TV explains:

December 2006

  1. News

    ILO, employers' and workers' organizations strengthen joint action against HIV/AIDS in Africa

    21 December 2006

    The African Regional Organisation of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU-AFRO) and the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) jointly organized a capacity-building meeting on HIV/AIDS for employers and workers in Kampala, Uganda on 12-14 December 2006.

  2. Article

    International Migrants Day (18 December 2006) Reversing the brain drain in China: the return of the 'sea turtles'

    11 December 2006

    As China's economy continues to grow exponentially, the country faces a shortage of locally educated managers with international experience. But more and more Chinese who previously left the country to study abroad are heading back to the land of opportunities, according to a recent article in the ILO's International Labour Review ( Note 1).