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September 2007

  1. Article

    ILO, IFC join to promote "better work" in global supply chains: An interview with Ros Harvey, ILO and IFC Better Work Global Programme Manager

    17 September 2007

    The International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group and the ILO have joined to improve labour practices and competitiveness in global supply chains. An international buyers’ consultative forum, Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), will support the efforts made by the newly created Better Work programme. ILO Online spoke with Ros Harvey, ILO and IFC Better Work Global Programme Manager.

  2. Article

    Out of sight – girls in mining

    13 September 2007

    A new ILO study shows that not only are children still being forced to work in mines, but many of them are girls. It is child labour in its worst form: young girls risk permanent injury from carrying heavy loads of rock and contamination from nerve-damaging mercury. Without a chance to go to school, they are locked into a life of poverty. ILO Online reports.

  3. News

    Peru Earthquake Response: ILO calls for integrated employment strategy in UN Flash Appeal

    05 September 2007

  4. News

    Unemployment, informality and inactivity menace young people in Latin America and the Caribbean

    04 September 2007

    ILO calls for better use of the growth, development and poverty reduction potential of 106 million youth in the region.

  5. Video

    East Asia is the growth productivity story of the decade, according to new figures from the Key Indicators of the Labour Market, released this week at a press conference in Geneva

    03 September 2007

    East Asia showed some of the fastest labour productivity growth rates in economic history, according to Jose Manuel Salazar, Executive Director of the ILO Employment Sector, speaking at a press conference for the launch of the 5th edition of the Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM).

  6. Video

    Interview with Lawrence J. Johnson on Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM), 5th Edition

    03 September 2007

    New ILO report says US leads the world in labour productivity; some regions are catching up, but most lag far behind

August 2007

  1. Publication

    Green jobs: Facing up to "an inconvenient truth"

    15 August 2007

    Over the last year or so, it has dawned on policy makers, businesses and the public around the world that climate change looks set to become the biggest social and environmental challenge of the 21st century. Peter Poschen, ILO Senior Policy Specialist and focal point on climate change, looks at the social and labour impacts of this complex global challenge.

  2. Article

    In Asia, informal work shifts but remains massive

    09 August 2007

    Despite a GDP growth rate twice the world average, more than 1 billion Asians still work in the informal economy. Most lack basic social protection and hold unproductive jobs with low earnings. An ILO report prepared for the Asian Employment Forum held on 13-15 August says the rapid shift from rural and agricultural employment to urban-based manufacturing and service-oriented work in developing Asia will continue and in some countries accelerate. ILO Online reports.

  3. Article

    Asian Employment Forum: Promoting productivity to benefit all

    09 August 2007

    Increasing labour productivity is crucial for a country’s economic growth and overall competitiveness. It is also a vital tool for creating quality jobs and reducing poverty, since productivity gains can lead to higher wages, better working conditions and investment in human resources. These are the messages of a new ILO report prepared for the Asian Employment Forum in Beijing (13 to 15 August). ILO Online spoke with Ms. Sachiko Yamamoto, ILO Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, about the link between productivity growth, employment creation and decent working conditions.

  4. Article

    Asian Employment Forum: Youth employment: “We are not the problem, we are the solution”

    09 August 2007

    According to the latest figures Asia’s 378 million-strong youth labour force accounts for more than one in five of the region’s total labour force and 58 per cent of the global youth labour force. Although the proportion of young people in the workforce is projected to decline by 2015, a new report prepared for the ILO’s Asian Employment Forum (to be held in Beijing on 13-15 August) says that for many countries in South East Asia and the Pacific, the youth employment challenge remains huge. ILO Online reports.