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November 2007

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    Supporting the decent work agenda

    01 November 2007

    In his opening remarks at the ILO Forum on Decent Work For a Fair Globalization, the Prime Minister of Portugal, Mr. José Socrates, called on global support for the decent work agenda, a strategy which he said promotes sustainable and inclusive growth.

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    Coming together: a global movement for decent work

    01 November 2007

    Speaking in Lisbon on the first day of the ILO Forum on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization, ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said there was an urgent need for global actors to work together on the decent work agenda.

October 2007

  1. Statement

    Forced Labour, Slavery and Poverty Reduction: Challenges For Development Agencies by Roger Plant, DFID, London, 30 October 2007

    30 October 2007

    Presentation to UK High-Level Conference to Examine the Links between Poverty, Slavery and Social Exclusion; Foreign and Commonwealth Office and DFID, London, 30 October 2007

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    Questions and answers about the ILO Forum on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization

    30 October 2007

    Political and opinion leaders from around the globe will meet in Lisbon, Portugal from 31 October to 2 November 2007 to discuss the role of decent work as the key to economic, social and environmental sustainability and a fair and inclusive globalization.

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    South Eastern European ministers of labour boost regional cooperation on employment and social policy

    26 October 2007

    High-level government, employers’ and workers’ representatives from nine South Eastern European countries adopted today an agreement, the “Montenegro conclusions”, that puts employment at the heart of economic and social policies.

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    Uganda: Maternity leave brings protection to women security guards and their employer

    17 October 2007

    All African women work. Very few women work in formal workplaces. Even fewer expect to keep their job when they have a baby, much less get maternity leave. But that is not the case for a group of women security guards in Uganda. As ILO TV reports, in an industry where it's a surprise to find women at work, both workers and employer are finding advantages in unionization and maternity leave.

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    Women in the workplace: New ILO report highlights how action in the world of work can help reduce maternal deaths

    16 October 2007

    Every minute of every day, a woman dies needlessly in pregnancy or childbirth. With nearly 60 per cent of the world’s women of childbearing age in the labour force in 2006, the importance of paid work in the lives of so many women makes maternity protection at work a key to safeguarding the health and economic security of women and their children. A new ILO report to be presented at an international conference in London on 18 October reviews the progress and priorities in the world of work to ensure women’s rights to safe maternity.

  6. Statement

    Trafficking For Forced Labour: ILO Approaches by Roger Plant, U.S. Congress, Washington, 11 October 2007

    11 October 2007

    Testimony to the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, hearing on “Combating Trafficking for Forced Labour Purposes in the OSCE Region”, U.S. Congress, Washington, 11 October 2007

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    ILO documentary to be screened at environmental movie festival in Italy

    11 October 2007

    Turning waste into wages is the goal of an ambitious project in Burkina Faso and the subject of an International Labour Office documentary to be screened by the Italian Film Festival "CinemAmbiente" in Turin, Italy.

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    Union education in the twenty-first century

    11 October 2007

    From 8-12 October 2007, more than 150 trade union representatives from 45 countries are meeting at ILO headquarters in Geneva to discuss ways to strengthen the capacity of trade unions to influence socio-economic policies and development strategies. Workers’ education activities are at the heart of these efforts to cope with the rapid changes in the world of work brought by globalization. ILO Online spoke with Dan Cunniah, Director a.i. of the ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities.