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January 2008

  1. Video

    Global economic turbulence to spur unemployment increase, says new ILO report

    24 January 2008

    The new ILO Global Employment Trends 2008 report says market turmoil, rising oil prices and credit uncertainty could leave 5 million more unemployed this year.

  2. Article

    ILO, UN deliver as one in Albania: A package for social and economic progress

    18 January 2008

    With only 21 per cent of the purchasing power of the average European Union (EU) citizen, Albania has the lowest per capita income in Europe (European Statistics Office - Eurostat) and faces a long transition to a market economy. Last October, the United Nations (UN) system with the ILO as a key player launched the “Delivering as One” UN programme in Albania, in a concerted effort to support European integration and socioeconomic development. ILO Online reports from the Albanian capital Tirana.

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    Why does the world need a new, on-line edition of the Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety?

    01 January 2008

    Twelve years after publishing the 4th edition of the Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety, an updated, on-line version is being prepared.

December 2007

  1. Article

    Disability in the world of work - Interview with Actress Marlee Matlin

    21 December 2007

    Actress Marlee Matlin often says that the only thing deaf people can’t do is hear. With access to communication and the right tools, people with disabilities have shown themselves to be exemplary workers.

  2. Video

    Human trafficking in Moldova: the trade of human misery

    20 December 2007

    In Moldova, desperation, poverty, and high unemployment make young girls and women easy prey for traffickers, who promise them well paid jobs abroad. In a co-production with Rockhopper TV, ILO TV tells the story of Maria, forced to work illegally in Russia.

  3. News

    Heads of five international organizations met in Berlin to work closely together for a Fair Globalization.

    20 December 2007

    Shaping a fair globalization not only requires that governments consult more closely, but also that key international organizations act with greater coherence to achieve jointly set goals. German Chancellor Angela Merkel therefore met in Berlin with the heads of five international organizations-- the ILO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to discuss fair ground rules for a socially equitable and open global economy.

  4. Video

    The challenge to make chocolate child labour free

    18 December 2007

    There are over a quarter of a million children who work in the cocoa plantations of West Africa. It's hazardous work, which exposes children to highly toxic pesticides. This episode of the BBC World TV series "Survivors Guide" goes to Cameroon, where the International Labour Organization has been working to eliminate child labour from cocoa production and help children return to school. Produced by Rockhopper TV in cooperation with the ILO.

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    International Migrants Day - ILO TV reports from Dublin, Ireland where some migrants have fared better than others.

    17 December 2007

    After centuries of poverty and emigration, Ireland has emerged as a Celtic Tiger with a booming economy. New jobs in construction, hotels, restaurants and in agriculture have been filled by migrant workers, but as ILO TV reports from Dublin, some have fared better than others.

  6. News

    Brazil, ILO launch South-South cooperation against child labour

    14 December 2007

    The Brazilian Government and the International Labour Organization launch a major new initiative to promote specific South-South technical cooperation projects and activities that contribute effectively to the prevention and elimination of child labour, in accordance with the international obligations of each country.

  7. Video

    Nigetech: A way out of poverty

    12 December 2007

    In partnership with the European Commission and the ILO, Niger’s Ministry of Labour runs a vocational training programme called Nigetech, so far helping 30,000 people work their way out of poverty. Creating decent work opportunities benefits not only workers in Niger but their extended families as well. (Video in French only.)