Stories on work, peace and resilience

  1. Social protection is essential for our future, says the Haitian Minister of Labour

    23 August 2012

    Interview with Haitian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs recorded in June 2012. Mr Léon Ronsard St-Cyr, told ILO TV that his country has no choice but to invest in social protection as his country slowly recovers from the earthquake that destroyed parts of the island in 2010 (In French with English subtitles).

  2. Can the climate be insured?

    02 August 2012

    Can insurance help protect the poor against the impact of global warming? The ILO says it might be done, with a little help.

  3. Halt jobs drain, give youth a chance says Spain’s Prince Felipe

    08 June 2012

    Tackling high unemployment and making sure young people can find a job is a priority for Spain.

  4. After the storm: Rebuilding livelihoods in the Philippines

    02 February 2012

    Natural disasters destroy livelihoods but the aftermath also offers opportunities to create jobs and revitalise the economy as there will be high demand for construction and other recovery works. For the last ten years, the ILO has engaged in post-disaster reconstruction in countries in Asia and the Pacific, including China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and beyond. So the Organization was also prepared to help when tropical storm Washi heavily affected villages and major cities in the Philippines last December. Minette Rimando from the ILO office in Manila reports.

  5. Building Haiti through training and employability programmes

    06 January 2012

    As a reaction to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, the international community has pledged multi-billion US$ support programmes. However, the country will only be able to harvest this massive support if it finds qualified professional and technical staff for implementation. ILO Online spoke with Michael Axmann, a senior ILO skills development specialist, about a new ILO proposal for a large-scale training and employment programme to strengthen employability of Haitian workers and productivity of Haitian enterprises.

  6. Questions and answers on food security

    13 December 2011

    Recent food price shocks threaten some 1 billion people with hunger. Meanwhile, there is growing evidence that climate change, along with rampant commodity speculation and lack of social protection are contributing to widespread food insecurity, resulting in hunger, poverty and even increased child labour. ILO On-line talked to Marva Corley-Coulibaly and Uma Rani Amara, senior economists at the ILO International Institute for Labour Studies about the growing concerns over food insecurity, and what urgent actions are needed to address the crisis.

  7. Global South-South Development Expo 2011: ILO Solution Exchange Forum on social protection, decent work and food security

    01 December 2011

    As part of the forthcoming 2011 Global South-South Development Expo, the International Labour Organization (ILO) will be hosting a Solution Exchange Forum on social protection, decent work and food security on 6 December at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy.

  8. Building a social protection floor in Mozambique

    10 October 2011

    Mozambique is a low-income country with high levels of poverty, informal and rural labour. Seriously affected by HIV and AIDS and exposed to climatic shocks and crises such as floods and droughts, the country’s institutions only have a limited capacity to deal with such shocks and offer social protection for the poor and vulnerable population. To address these challenges, an ILO technical cooperation project financed by Portugal works, together with other UN Agencies, to improve public policies and strengthen institutional capacity for the extension of social protection in Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking African countries.

  9. Inequities in health care access in the European region

    06 October 2011

    The objective of providing universal health coverage is high on the agenda of countries in the broader European region, yet vulnerable groups often do not have full access to health services, according to Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung, Health Policy Coordinator at the ILO’s Social Security Department. ILO Online spoke to Dr. Scheil-Adlung, who has published a study looking at the situation in the region, which includes the European Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Central and Eastern Europe.

  10. Young Timorese beautician is a cut above the rest

    29 July 2011

    Eugenia de Jesus Cardoso now runs a successful beauty salon in her hometown, in Maliana, her hometown in Timore-Leste. She gained the business and specialist skills she needed during a training programme run by the Timore-Leste Government and the ILO’s Youth Employment Promotion (YEP) programme. By Matt Crook for the ILO Liaison Office for Timor-Leste