Decent Jobs for “the Millennium Generation”

Nearly half of young people in Asia are unemployed. In Angono, the Art Capital of the Philippines, employers’ organisations are working with aspiring young artists to help them make a start in the art market.

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Angono is known as the Art Capital of the Philippines. Home to many well-known and upcoming artists, art is in the blood of many young people here.

Elino Ulang comes from a family of artists. He started painting when he was three and is well aware of the difficulties facing a young artist.

Elino Ulang, art student

There are a lot of problems. Apart from competing with older, famous artists, the main problem is financial…

Young people represent over half the total unemployed in the Philippines. In 2005, Asia had over 48 percent of the world’s young people without work.

These 41 million members of the Millennium generation who were entering the labour force for the first time this century are missing out on that crucial first step in the job market.

Felix Maming, Jr., president, ASME, Inc.

Young people have very good ideas. They’re daring. Given the chance, the motivation and encouragement to go into business, they will excel.

Talking about the realities of making it in the art market is vital for students, says art teacher Jose Egualada.

Jose Egualada, teacher

We discuss the link between their skills and employment. Art is part of life. While there are buildings that are being built, while there’s landscaping to be done, cities being planned, houses being built, there’s the future of the artist.

It’s estimated that cutting youth unemployment in half would increase GDP by 7.4 percent in South-East Asia. Staying competitive will depend on finding decent work for more than half the world’s Millennium Generation, who live in Asia and the Pacific.

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