The Sweet Taste of Success

Out of the destruction and tragedy of the December 2004 Tsunami, people like Asriana have overcome grief and financial ruin to start life anew. A business training course run by the ILO in Banda Aceh, has helped Asriana develop her business skills and turn a donut-making enterprise into a success.

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When the Tsunami hit the shores of Banda Aceh nearly three years ago, Asriana’s world turned upside down. She lost her husband and her livelihood making donuts.

Asriana tried to re-start her business with little success, until she came across a “Start Your Own Business” course run by the International Labour Organization.


After the tsunami I lost my business, all of my cooking equipment such as my blender, oven, food processor, and my money, more than 1.5 million rupiah that I was saving to buy a donut machine.

With her training, Asriana created a business plan, which secured her a small grant of $200. She was able to buy new equipment and supplies, and develop her donut business into a successful enterprise.


I’ve received plenty of benefits from the training. It’s given me free promotion and I’ve found another store to sell to. I also know much more about financial management, how to calculate my profits and separate my household needs from my business needs.

Many lost their livelihoods with the Tsunami. For those who have lost family and suddenly become sole breadwinners, opportunities to learn new skills are vital.

Dewi, Business training teacher

I think it’s very important because this kind of training is rare. Not all international organisations have offered this to Acehnese people. With the support of the ILO, people are learning business skills, and many have managed to develop their own business.

Asriana’s business has taken off. She dreams of having her own shop, but for now she is busy keeping up with the demand for her delicious donuts. The increased revenue has allowed her to employ her parents and her sister. The family is on solid ground now thanks to Asriana’s entrepreneurship.

ILO Page 07/06/2007