The International Labour Organization has found that nearly half of the world’s unemployed are under the age of 24. In Jamaica, the National Training Agency, known as HEART, gives young people the skills they need. ILO TV profiles the manager of a hotel school, who not so long ago was a trainee herself.

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When Janet Dyer greets her staff at the Runaway Bay Hotel in Jamaica, it’s a daily reminder of when she was a trainee here, fresh out of school.

She wanted to teach, but had no experience and no money to continue to study.

Janet Dyer: Manager, Runaway Bay HEART Hotel and Training Institute

...when I heard about HEART and the motto that HEART had “Skill is Power”, I realized that yes, this is something that I need because to survive out there, I’m going to need a skill

HEART is the National Training Agency of Jamaica. It gives students a chance to extend their education through skills training. By working with local businesses like the Runaway Bay Hotel, HEART tries to better match the skills that students learn at school with the needs of the job market.

Robert Gregory: Executive Director, HEART/NTI Jamaica

…what education systems produce in developed and developing countries invariably don’t match up with what the economies and employment actually requires so there’s this gap.

According to the International Labour Organization nearly half of the world’s nearly 190 million unemployed people are under the age of 24. A target of the Millennium Development Goals is to give young people a chance to find decent and productive work. That means giving them skills they can use when they get out of school.

Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd: Jamaica Employers Federation

It’s very important for the employers to be involved in what the training is going to be and what kind of curriculum is developed by HEART.... training makes you employable. If you’re not trained, you’re not educated, you will not be able to get a job.

No one knows that better than Janet Dyer. She’s come full circle in her career. Not only is she now the manager of the hotel where she trained, she also heads HEART’s hotel school.

For her, knowing that her students go on to work at world-class resorts throughout Jamaica is as refreshing as a skilfully poured glass of cold beer.