Delegate Dialogues: Tarsicio Mora Godoy, President of the Colombia United Workers Federation (CUT), Colombia (in Spanish)

Date issued: 11 June 2010 | Size/duration: 00:03:37 (11.8 MB)
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English transcript:

The murders of union leaders in Colombia has complicated the situation. More than 550 union leaders were murdered during the current administration. As far as the financial situation goes, we see that governments and employers want to solve the problem without the involvement of workers, allowing the financial sector to profit by implementing reforms which affect the workers most. Government and employers are trying to control minimum wage policy by imposing contracts which reduce health care protection, reduce social benefits, and undercut stability. So workers are paying for the financial crisis. Governments are not doing much to re-establish employment, and the Global Jobs Pact is a mere slogan not a reality. Decent work has been much discussed but child labour is still widespread and so is the exploitation of men and women. The ILO is a tripartite institution, so governments and employers should play fair. And when we go back to our country, exercising our right of association, we get arrested, persecuted, and murdered.