Delegate Dialogues: Leopoldo Tartaglia, International Department, Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL) (in Italian)

Date issued: 11 June 2010 | Size/duration: 00:01:53 (6.18 MB)
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We are very dubious of the policies adopted by the Italian government to tackle the financial crisis. So on June 25th, we are planning a four hour general strike all over Italy. The government recently approved a 25 billion Euro package of public expense cuts, which we think is unfair because it will affect civil servants and pensioners most of all, definitely not the high income households.

The package does not include any measure to boost either economic growth or employment. And as the Bank of Italy also said, this policy could lead to further downturn because Italy is struggling more than many other countries to recover from the crisis. So we are far from compliance with the Global Jobs Pact principles, especially when the Italian government has spent so little on keeping employment high. When it introduced its Redundancy Fund, the government used regional and European funds not its own.

For these reasons, we are very critical of government policy, especially its job cuts, and reductions in scientific research and new technology. We want the Italian government to apply the Global Jobs Pact not just praise it during international conferences.