1. Video

    Zero tolerance for violence against children in the workplace - Video interview with Frans Roselaers (Part 2)

    12 October 2006

    Child labourers face the risk of violence in work where they are hidden from view, such as domestic work, or in illegal situations, says Frans Roselaers. (Part 2 of 3 videos.)

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    Zero tolerance for violence against children in the workplace - Video interview with Frans Roselaers (Part 1)

    12 October 2006

    Frans Roselaers, Director of the ILO's Department of Partnerships and Development Cooperation, talks about the global challenge to raise awareness about violence against working children. (Part 1 of 3 videos)

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    Child Labour: A Day in the Life

    10 October 2006

    Vulnerable children are open to exploitation that knows no borders. The huge wage gap between Eastern and Western Europe has led to increased migration and a rise in trafficking. However change is on its way. This reality may be bleak but improvements have been made. With enough time, effort, and the will to succeed these children can look forward to a brighter future.

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    Indonesian Domestic Workers

    15 May 2006

    Every year nearly 400,000 domestic workers leave Indonesia to work abroad. For most the experience is positive, allowing them to earn many times what they would earn at home. Hidden from public view in private homes however, domestic workers can be targets of exploitation and abuse as ILO TV reports.

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    Bolivia: Tropic of Chapare

    05 May 2006

    Training young people to become entrepreneurs is proving to be a strong weapon in the fight against drug trafficking in Chapare Province in central Bolivia. (in Spanish)

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    A Global Alliance Against Forced Labour

    10 January 2006

    How does someone get caught in the trap of forced labour? From the rainforests of Peru to the meat factories of Germany, ILO TV tells the stories of men and women forced to labour, and shows what is being done globally to combat this modern day slavery.

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    Visit of former US President Bill Clinton to Banda Aceh, Indonesia

    30 November 2005

    Former US President Bill Clinton visited several projects run by various agencies of the UN, and spoke briefly with Peter Rademaker of the ILO Jakarata office about the ILO’s employment center and other projects in Banda Aceh.

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    Managing transitions: Pensions - 7th ILO European Regional Meeting in Budapest, Hungary

    18 February 2005

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    Managing transitions: Migration - 7th ILO European Regional Meeting in Budapest, Hungary

    18 February 2005

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    Managing transitions: Flexicurity - 7th ILO European Regional Meeting in Budapest, Hungary

    18 February 2005

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    Managing transitions: Youth - 7th ILO European Regional Meeting in Budapest, Hungary

    17 February 2005

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    Gilberto Gil Against Child Labour

    06 January 2005

    Brazil's minister of culture, Gilberto Gil, brings his musical talents to the fight against child labour. Directed by the Brazilian film-maker, Fernando Meirelles (O2 Films), Gilberto Gil sings a special version of a famous Brazilian song, written by Paulo Tatit, "Comida" (Food) from the Pop Group Titãs. He performs alongside children who have been withdrawn from work and who are beneficiaries of the Brazilian Programme to Combat Child Labour (PETI). This public service announcement was produced by the International Labour Organization in partnership with the Brazilian Ministries of Culture and Social Development.

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    03 December 2004

    In Uganda, a parliamentary commission has been investigating events surrounding a strike of more than 200 young women at a foreign-owned textiles factory. The “Agoa girls”, as they have become known, protested outside Parliament about working conditions and their right to join a union. As ILO TV now reports, the women have raised awareness of the role of trade unions and rights in the workplace, in a country where labour disputes are rare.

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    ILO Public Service Announcement on Child Labour

    15 September 2004

    ILO public service announcement (PSA) on child labour as aired on Sony Entertainment Channel and SETMAX (Indian channels) before and during the highlights of the International Cricket Conference Champions Trophy 2004.

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    HIV/AIDS at the Workplace

    01 September 2004

    The ILO TV public service announcement: 'HIV/AIDS at the Workplace', was aired on the Indian channel SONY SETMAX during the highlights of the International Cricket Conference Champions Trophy 2004.

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    24 June 2004

    All African women work. Very few women work in formal workplaces. Even fewer expect to keep their job when they have a baby, much less get maternity leave. But that is not the case for a group of women security guards in Uganda. As ILO TV reports, in an industry where it’s a surprise to find women at work, both workers and employer are finding advantages in unionization and maternity leave.

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    09 July 2003

    The fishing industry in West Africa is a high-risk and accident-prone business yet until recently, few people had access to health insurance. But fishermen have taken to casting their own safety nets by creating small, community-based health schemes. And the idea has struck a chord with other groups as well. ILO TV explains.

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    18 June 2003

    A new report on discrimination in the workplace has found that the highest unemployment rates in the whole of Europe are among the Roma people, also known as Gypsies. The report, by the International Labour Organization, says that in some countries up to 90 per cent of Roma people of working age are jobless. ILO TV has the details.

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    04 June 2003

    For years, Moroccans supplied the cheap labour for Spain's booming harvest of fruits and vegetables found throughout the markets of Europe and North America. But a new form of discrimination is making even these low-paid jobs hard to come by. ILO TV reports.

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    13 February 2003

    An international conference in Washington this week (May 7-8) organized by the US Department of Labour will highlight the plight of child soldiers. More than 300 000 youngsters under 18 are fighting in conflicts all around the world. A report from the International Labour Organization, or ILO, looks at some of the roots of the problem and measures needed to help former combatants return to normal life.