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    Press Conference Highlights: Global Employment Trends for Women 2008

    07 March 2008

    "We've seen that over a ten year period 200 million new jobs have been created," says Dorothea Schmidt. "That's a big, big increase and that's very good news, but the problem is the type of job that was created. And we see that over half of the jobs that women have are what we call vulnerable." Dorothea Schmidt, co-author of the report "Global Employment Trends for Women 2008" and Evy Messel, Director of the ILO's Bureau for Gender Equality speak at the GET Women press conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

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    A Banker for Sri Lankan Women: Rupa Manel Silva

    06 March 2008

    A new report from the International Labour Organization shows that economic empowerment for women is vital for equal participation of women and men in the labour market and equal access to obtaining decent work. In Sri Lanka, Rupa Manel Silva is leading the way with a bank run by women for women.

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    A global alliance against forced labour gains momentum

    27 February 2008

    Roger Plant, Head of the ILO's Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour; Brent Wilton, Deputy Secretary-General of the International Organization of Employers; and Neil Kearney, General Secretary of the International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation speak at a press conference during the Vienna Forum Against Human Trafficking, showing strong support for a global alliance to abolish forced labour by 2015.

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    Introducing the Toolkit for Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work

    27 February 2008

    What is the UN system doing to realize the goals of full and productive employment and decent work for all? ILO TV introduces the Toolkit, an innovative process to support agencies, national constituents and other development partners to work more effectively together to promote more and better jobs.

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    Human trafficking in Moldova: the trade of human misery

    20 December 2007

    In Moldova, desperation, poverty, and high unemployment make young girls and women easy prey for traffickers, who promise them well paid jobs abroad. In a co-production with Rockhopper TV, ILO TV tells the story of Maria, forced to work illegally in Russia.

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    The challenge to make chocolate child labour free

    18 December 2007

    There are over a quarter of a million children who work in the cocoa plantations of West Africa. It's hazardous work, which exposes children to highly toxic pesticides. This episode of the BBC World TV series "Survivors Guide" goes to Cameroon, where the International Labour Organization has been working to eliminate child labour from cocoa production and help children return to school. Produced by Rockhopper TV in cooperation with the ILO.

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    Nigetech: A way out of poverty

    12 December 2007

    In partnership with the European Commission and the ILO, Niger’s Ministry of Labour runs a vocational training programme called Nigetech, so far helping 30,000 people work their way out of poverty. Creating decent work opportunities benefits not only workers in Niger but their extended families as well. (Video in French only.)

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    Promoting employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Poland

    02 December 2007

    Like in other European countries, inactivity rates of Polish workers with disabilities tend to be much higher than that of other workers. While their share of the working age population in Poland is 10 per cent, their share in employment is only 3.8 per cent, says a new ILO report on the situation of disabled people in Poland.

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    A video message from actress Marlee Matlin

    02 December 2007

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    International Day of Disabled Persons: Message from Juan Somavia, Director-General of the International Labour Organization

    02 December 2007

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    HIV/AIDS and Transport Workers: Driving for Change through Prevention

    29 November 2007

    The Training Toolkit on HIV/AIDS, which includes awareness raising and advocacy courses for transport workers produced by the ILO, IRU and ITF will be integrated in the IRU Academy Driver and Manager Programmes, for implementation in 2008 by all IRU Academy Accredited Training Institutes (Aits).

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    Out of Informality - Ghana's Way to Decent Work

    27 November 2007

    Informal workers in Ghana are starting to see the benefits of more formal ways of working. With help from the ILO's Decent Work Pilot Project, people in Ajumako and Winneba, some of the poorest places in Ghana, are bringing about their own transition to Decent Work. Experts are sharing similar effective experiences this week at the “Interregional Symposium on the Informal Economy - Enabling transition to formalization”.

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    Interview with Ibrahim Awad, ILO Director of the International Migration Programme, on a rights-based approach to managing migration

    20 November 2007

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    Measuring a microfinance institution's efficiency: Interview with Bernd Balkhenhol, editor of the new book "Microfinance and public policy"

    20 November 2007

    Bernd Balkhenhol, editor of the new book "Microfinance and public policy: Outreach, performance and efficiency", talks to ILO TV about how efficiency is a fundamental performance criterion for public donors to consider when investing in microfinance institutions.

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    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Robert M. Godsell, Former CEO, AngloGold Ashanti

    19 November 2007

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    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Ebrahim Patel, Executive Member, Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU)

    19 November 2007

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    Speaking at Multiforum 07: Juan Somavia, Director-General, International Labour Office

    19 November 2007

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    Facing the "stark reality" of climate change's effect on economic growth

    13 November 2007

    ILO Director-General Juan Somavia and UNEP Director Achim Steiner lead a discussion about the effects of climate change on the nexus between economic growth and environmental sustainability and how our only choice will be to see how they can reinforce each other in the years to come.

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    Supporting the decent work agenda

    01 November 2007

    In his opening remarks at the ILO Forum on Decent Work For a Fair Globalization, the Prime Minister of Portugal, Mr. José Socrates, called on global support for the decent work agenda, a strategy which he said promotes sustainable and inclusive growth.

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    Coming together: a global movement for decent work

    01 November 2007

    Speaking in Lisbon on the first day of the ILO Forum on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization, ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said there was an urgent need for global actors to work together on the decent work agenda.