1. Discussing the key issues of the world of work

    107th International Labour Conference concludes

    08 June 2018

  2. 107th International Labour Conference

    Opening of the International Labour Conference

    28 May 2018


  1. © Alecska 2018

    Podcast: How the world works

    Violence and Harassment in the Workplace

    29 November 2017

  2. 5th Conference on the Regulating for Decent Work Network: Future of Work

    Can a universal basic income resolve future income security challenges?

    04 July 2017

  3. ILC Radio Round-up

    Day 1: “Decent jobs of the future will not be green by definition but by design”, says Ryder

    05 June 2017


  1. Audio interview

    The African entrepreneur using technology to boost access to public health

    15 September 2016

  2. Social protection

    Austerity undermines social protection

    25 July 2016

  3. Poverty and youth

    Decent work for the world’s youth

    14 July 2016

  4. Future of Work

    The world of work is undergoing a major process of change

    11 July 2016

  5. 105th International Labour Conference

    Better work in the garment industry boosts productivity, profit and worker wellbeing

    21 June 2016