Mongolia looks to development goals post 2015

Mongolia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Rich in resources but sparsely populated it faces distinct developmental challenges. The Mongolian Prime Minister outlined his country's approach in a speech to delegates at the International Labour Conference in Geneva.

Audio | 9 de junio de 2014
Speaking at the International Labour Conference in Geneva, the Mongolian Prime Minister told delegates that his country is actively engaged in UN discussions on economic, social and development policies. Noroviin Altankhuyag outlined his government's agenda for post-2015 developments in three points:

"One. Supporting decent employment: The Government of Mongolia has forwarded to the Parliament of Mongolia the policy on employment till 2021 consistent with the International Labour Organization's decent labour policy.

Two. We are pleased by the fact that Mongolia was the first country selected to benefit from the Partnership for Action on Green Economy at a time when the world is moving ahead towards green development.

Three. As a landlocked country itself, Mongolia leads other similar countries, and with the United Nations' support, we have established an International Think-Tank for Landlocked developing countries in Ulaanbaatar."

His Excellency Noroviin Altankhuyag, Mongolian Prime Minister, speaking at the 103rd International Labour Conference in Geneva on Monday .

Reporting for ILO Radio, this is Pete Forster.