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  1. Global Campaign for Social Security hits its stride

    24 January 2005

    The recent launch of a national campaign to provide Kenya's population with social security was the latest in a series of events designed to expand the ILO's Global Campaign on Social Security and Coverage for All. With half its population living below the poverty line and less than 15 per cent of the total labour force covered by social security systems, Kenya has adopted the campaign as a framework for extending national pension and health coverage to more of its citizens. This year, the ILO intends to expand the programme to include more countries. Guebray Berhane of ILO Addis Ababa reports.

  2. Ida's Story: the plight of domestic migrant workers

    24 January 2005

  3. New UN decision makes fair globalization a core issue of the world agenda in 2005

    06 January 2005

    Achieving a fair globalization is now firmly implanted on the world agenda. With the adoption of a resolution at its most recent session, the UN General Assembly gave new impetus to global efforts to implement the recommendations of the report of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization. In this feature, we examine how this move provides new reasons for hope that globalization can work much better in coming years to help reduce poverty for families, local communities and people around the world.

  4. Efforts mount in Japan to counter human trafficking

    05 January 2005

    Human trafficking is a growing problem in Japan and new efforts for stronger measures to combat modern forms of forced labour are gaining momentum. This report examines the phenomenon and what Japan and its ILO partners are doing about it.


  1. World AIDS Day 2004 HIV/AIDS and the world of work: Women bear the brunt

    30 November 2004

  2. Microfinance paves the way to decent work

    18 November 2004

    Microfinance makes a powerful contribution to decent work: it facilitates small investments in self-employment and job creation; it also helps the poor to manage risks through emergency loans, savings and micro-insurance. The launch of the UN International Year of Microcredit on 18 November is an occasion to look at the pioneering role of microfinance. Here are two examples from an industrialized and a developing country.

  3. Africa: working out of poverty

    17 November 2004

    Today, Africa is working to find a way out of poverty. At the Extraordinary Summit on Employment and Poverty Alleviation in Ouagadougou in September 2004, many African heads of state and government formally adopted a Declaration making the job creation a prime objective for reducing poverty. This month, the ILO Governing Body is discussing the same issue. But how are these declarations being received in the fields of Africa. ILO Online provides two examples.

  4. A tailor-made future for prosperity: Cambodia

    09 November 2004

  5. Youth unemployment at all time high

    01 November 2004

    Half the world's unemployed are under 24, according to a new ILO study that charts the skyrocketing of youth unemployment over the past decade. Global Employment Trends for Youth, 2004 ( Note 1) puts the global youth unemployment rate at 14.4 per cent in 2003, a 26.8 per cent increase in the total number of unemployed young people over the past decade. Although young people represent 25 per cent of the working age population, they make up as much as 47 per cent of the 186 million people out of work worldwide in 2003. Some 88 million young people, aged 15 to 24, are out of work.

  6. Mining out child labour in Santa Filomena

    01 November 2004

    They still mine for gold in Santa Filomena, a remote mining community far from Lima, Peru. But these days, they do it without the children. With the help of the ILO, this village of 1,500 inhabitants was able to declare itself child labour free this past June - providing a new sheen to the miners and their community.