The ILO at Work: Results 2014-2015

The seven centenary initiatives

The ILO looks forward to celebrating its centenary in 2019. As part of the preparations, seven centenary initiatives have been launched to give strategic direction, purpose and content to the ILO, its work and its mandate —
  • the future of work initiative to establish an advisory panel on the future of work, whose report would be available for discussion at the 2019 centenary session of the International Labour Conference
  • the women at work initiative to survey the place and conditions of women in the world of work and engage tripartite constituents in concrete action to realize equality of opportunity and treatment
  • the standards initiative to consolidate tripartite consensus on an authoritative supervisory system and to enhance the relevance of international labour standards through a standards review mechanism
  • the end to poverty initiative to meet the urgent requirement for an adequate living wage for all workers, including through the employment and social protection components of the post-2015 development agenda
  • the governance initiative to complete reform of the ILO’s governance structures, to undertake an evaluation of the impact of the 2008 Declaration as set out in its final provisions, and to act on its findings
  • the green initiative to give practical application to the decent work dimension of the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable development path and to facilitate the tripartite contribution to it
  • the enterprises initiative to establish a platform for ILO engagement with enterprises which would contribute to their sustainability and to ILO goals.
Seen in conjunction with the improvements in ILO capacities and building on the reform process launched in 2012, the ILO is reforming to put itself in the best possible position to carry its mandate for social justice forward – and with increased vigour – into its second century.