The ILO at Work: Results 2014-2015

In the spotlight: Ensuring rights at work in the informal economy

The project Promoting Respect for Labour Rights of Workers in the Informal Economy in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras (PROSEI) began in 2012. Its goal is to create and strengthen mechanisms for women and men working in the informal economy so that they can move towards formality – through access to social protection and by ensuring that their rights are realized.

So far the project has achieved the establishment of tripartite social dialogue “tables” in all participating municipalities, where policy measures are discussed to promote the transition to formality. At the same time, the capacities of workers – and their right to organize and associate – in the informal economy has been strengthened. More than 200 women entrepreneurs have been trained on how to formalize their businesses.

The ILO has provided technical assistance to the development of specific legislation relating to the extension of social protection in the informal economy in El Salvador and Honduras, and helped simplify the participating municipalities’ procedures in all three countries.

Strengthening trade unions is essential so that they can train and organize workers in the informal economy. So far, by strengthening the capacity of 70 trade union leaders, more than 300 workers have received training on how to organize and move towards formalization.