A step closer to the entry into force of the 1986 constitutional amendment

News | 21 June 2021
On 18 June 2021, during its 109th Session, the International Labour Conference adopted the resolution on the principle of equality among ILO Member States and fair representation of all regions in the ILO’s tripartite governance. The resolution aims at removing obstacles to ratification of the 1986 constitutional amendment by declaring that the notion of ‘socialist’ States of Eastern Europe contained in one provision of the amendment no longer corresponds to the current geopolitical situation and is therefore considered obsolete. It also calls upon the eight Member States of chief industrial importance, which have not yet ratified the 1986 amendment, to consider ratification as a matter of priority.

The principal purpose of the 1986 constitutional amendment is to render the membership of the Governing Body as representative as possible including by eliminating the non-elective, or permanent, seats guaranteed for the Members of chief industrial importance. To date, nine additional ratifications, including at least three ratifications from Members of chief industrial importance are required for the amendment to take effect. The Islamic Republic of Iran, Brazil and Ireland have indicated that they are taking actives steps towards ratification.